Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Product Review: Shea Bliss Deep Conditioner by BeUnique

I spoke a bit about this product in the YouTube video about conditioners >here< and it's pretty obvious that I'm a fan. Unfortunately due to the price it might be a minute before I can afford to move it from it's current status as a luxury item to a regular one. It's a brilliant moisturising conditioner but can also be used as a leave-in, but I haven't tried that yet.

Texture & Smell:
Despite it being quite a thick creamy texture, it's also kind of fluffy and not dissimilar to the texture of the Mango Twist. Also, once applied to wet hair it smooths on easily and no longer feels quite as thick. I like the delicate and nutty smell of coconut and monoi. It's quite faint so you can tell it hasn't been pumped full of synthetic fragrances. I really like the full-bodied texture. It has a decent amount of slip and is very nourishing but unfortunately I struggled to make the tub last the month. As I got towards the end of my tub I decided to mix what was left with some of my virgin coconut oil, to make it a bit more runny so it could stretch a little further without compromising it conditioning properties. Even without adding the coconut oil, the Shea Bliss is definitely the perfect consistency for deep conditioning my thick hair. 
Shea Bliss cost £16.95 for a large 200g Tub, but I was fortunate enough to be given mine as a gift from Belinda. I have to be honest straight away and say that £16.95 is too high for my standard budget, but I would buy this product in the future because it works so fantastically for my hair. It's definitely on my luxury items list, but unfortunately I'm not currently flush enough to make it a monthly buy.

I wish I could afford to have Shea Bliss as one of my staples because I was so impressed by the results that it's now set a standard for how my hair should feel after a moisturising deep condition. I've previously reviewed other BeUnique products >here< and I was really pleased that this product has lived up to their equally impressive standards. Anytime my hair has felt dry or even brittle, Shea Bliss has been really effective at restoring the moisture to my hair, which is why I'd really like to have it as an essential. I dont know quite when I'll next be able to afford to treat myself to another tub of shea bliss, but I'll be looking forward to it.
Shea Bliss is available from BeUnique.co.uk

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  1. im so jealous..lol Ive been saying for months im gonna purchase her line, but when i have the funds i always forget and recently ive been telling myself that i need to stick to a budget, but i know either by the years end or for my birthday i will be treating myself.


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