Saturday, 3 November 2012

Preparing My Hair for Protein: A D.I.Y Mix


Following my Summer of Shealoe twists, I still found it necessary to trim the ends of my hair. Because I'd planned to blow dry my hair straight, in preparation for the trim, I figured it would probably be best to reinforce it with a really good deep condition/ protein treatment before getting started.
My previous experiences of protein haven't been great. My hair was often left feeling drier and more brittle, consequently I tend to avoid protein in most of the products I use (or at least keep it to a minimum). On this occasion I got a bit experimental and mixed up a few things for a homemade, DIY protein treatment.
My recipe consisted of the following 3 ingredients:
- Braggs Liquid Aminos -
- Lustrasilk Placenta & Jojoba Cholesterol -
- Hellmanns Mayonnaise -
 I followed up the the protein treatment by deep conditioning my hair with BeUnique's Shea Bliss Moisturising Deep Conditioner & Coconut oil
I can't remember exactly how long I left the protein treatment or the deep conditioner on my head, as I did all this way back in mid-September. If I had to guess I'd say I probably left the protein treatment on for about 20mins and then deep conditioned under heat for 40mins to 1hour.
However, I clearly remember my absolute disbelief at how AMAZING my hair felt afterwards.
It kinda felt a bit stronger but not majorly, so maybe I could've up'ed the protein a bit more; but there was no way I could fail to notice the difference in how soft and incredible my hair felt. I could barely believe it was mine. It was absolutely lovely, and even as I'm typing this, I think it maybe time to repeat the process again real soon.
I finished the process by applying my Kera Care Natural Textures Leave-In conditioner, which I've tried a few times and each time has left my hair feeling impressively soft. Finally, I lightly spritzed my hair with Aloe Vera Juice (AVJ) and water to help close the cuticles, before going on to blow and trim my hair, straight after.

(I'll be posting about how I trim my hair soon, so stay subscribed for updates!)

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  1. Hey girl earlier this week I discovered the Biona coconut oil its amazing!


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