Sunday, 11 November 2012

No More Hair Trimming for 2012


I know a lot of people prefer to have their hair trimmed by a professional, but since going natural, one of the things I enjoy most is not having to wait on anyone else to do my hair. Furthermore I know I'll always worry that someone else may take too much off my hair, and being the reserved Brit that I am, I'll feel obliged to pay for my dissatisfaction without question. By trimming it myself, I can't be mad at anyone but me if I'm not 100% satisfied with the results.
I know it's important to use hairdressing scissors, as any other scissors can result in a jagged cut and consequently do more damage. I bought mine from Superdrug for about £5. I'm still undecided whether it's best to trim natural hair when it's wet or dry. I've heard arguments for both, but each time I've trimmed, I've decided to do it on freshly washed hair which I then blow dry straight before trimming.

I've only trimmed my hair twice since (not including) cutting off my relaxed ends. The first time was earlier this year in May and the second time was a couple of months back in September.

Step 1: Freshly washed, damp hair, separated into chunky twists.

Step 2:
I used Straightening Glaze by Blended Beauty, which was one of my goody-bag freebies from the Nature's Parlour Workshop. I separated each twist into 2 strands, and then sprayed each with the straightening glaze before blow-drying them.

Blended Beauty Straightening Glaze

Step 3:
I assessed my completely blow-dried hair, (since it was the first time I'd seen it like this in over a year.) I think my face says it all.

Admittedly my hair wasn't amazingly straight, but it was more limp and floppy than I'd been used to in a while so I didn't really like it that much.

Step 4: Trim, trim, trim!!

After a while of playing around I figured, "In for a penny, in for a pound" as they say, and decided since I was doing the whole heat thing, to run the straighteners through as well, but you can barely tell the difference.

I don't think I took off enough the first time around as a few of the ends still felt a bit crispy. However in the days following my blow-out I did wear styles that left the ends exposed, and I guess vunerable to more damage.

Blow-Out at the Beautiful Textures Launch
Blow-Out on Bricklane

The next time I trimmed my hair I made a point of keeping the ends tucked away for at least a week or two. 

Stage 1:
Following a fantastic Protein Treatment and Deep Condition the night before, my hair was already sectioned into twists and still a little damp.

Step 2:
I began by sectioning each twist into even smaller sections which I then blow-dried and twisted off. This time I used a very old heat protectant product that I had left over from my days of weave wearing.

Top: Before blow-drying / Bottom: After Blow-drying
Heat Protectant of choice - Fantasia Frizz Buster Straightening Gel

Step 3:
Begin the Trim!
It was a long winded process, unravelling each twist, feeling along the strand and trimming whatever felt rough or looked like a spilt end. You can tell by the varying lengths I took off, that I wasn't concerned about trimming my hair evenly, I was more focused on healthy hair.

Some strands needed a good clean cut as opposed to just a trim, but my ends have felt much better since.

Step 4: 
Play around with the end result before safely tucking away my freshly trimmed ends again.

I've created a playlist on YouTube from the collection of videos I watched on trimming natural hair, but if anyone has tips for trimming their natural hair please leave a comment.


  1. I trim mine wet/damp. I'm too lazy to use heat to do it lol & I can see what needs to be trimmed just as well.

  2. I also trim my own hair. I don't allow no one to cut my hair. They always cut to much off.

  3. Two rounds? You weren't playing, huh? lol

    It looks like you did a thorough job. I'm always glad to see people put health over length.

    *dead* at your facial expression after blow drying. That's how I feel after my hair has been freshly washed. It's flat and plain.

  4. I just get it done professionally. It came out great. Too lazy and waaaaaaaay too much to trim on my own. Tried it before felt like I was cutting off too much.


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