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Friday, 23 November 2012

My 1st Time With Miss Jessie's - Product Review


My collection of Miss Jessie's sample sachets seemed to have miraculously accumulated this year, so I finally decided to try them out. I could sum up this review up in 3 words... soft but strange...But if you want a little more detail keep reading.

Super Slip Sudsy Shampoo

I wasn't initially sure whether I liked the strange texture of the shampoo. It was very gooey and quite like playing with silly putty. Because of it's texture it didnt simply pour out of the pack and instead I had to stretch and separate it, a bit like melted mozarella. I was concerned that the strange adhesive texture would result in there not being enough shampoo for my whole head, but you have to rub it between your hands, and once I did it began to foam quite a lot, so in the end there was more than enough, and it was actually quite fun. I really liked the sweet smell of the shampoo too.
I hadn't realised that it contained Ammonium Sulphate until after I'd used it and I have to admit that although my hair felt very clean, it also felt dry.

Super Sweetback Treatment

First of all I have to tell you about the smell. I was warned about it, but because I love sweet smelling hair products I was expecting to really love this one. It is very VERY sweet smelling, to the point that I found it a bit nauseating, so unfortunately I didn't like it at all. I definitely prefer the smell of the shampoo. 
The good thing about the Treatment was how instantly it made my hair feel smooth again as soon as I applied it. I initially thought this was a plus as it felt as though it restored all the moisture that the shampoo had stripped away. The Treatment was a bright pink colour, and the texture was quite a nice creamy texture, not too thick or thin and it wasn't too bad for detangling my hair.
I left it on for 30mins under heat (I always apply heat when deep conditioning).
When I rinsed the Treatment off, my hair felt strange; not dry but a bit stiff and unfamiliar. 

Baby Buttercreme 

The Buttercreme had the a very similar creamy texture as the Sweetback Treatment but was a creamy yellow colour and doesn't smell anywhere near as sweet, in fact I quite liked the smell of the Buttercreme but not as much as the shampoo. I was hoping that maybe this 3rd product would restore the normal feeling of my hair but unfortunately not. It felt moisturised but the stiff feeling remained. I was also quite disappointed to discover that it contained mineral oil, which probably explains why my hair felt like it had a slight coating on it for the days following.

My hair felt slightly less stiff the next morning, and I wonder if using heat to deep condition may have effected the results. I don't know as I cant remember if the instructions mentioned sitting under heat or not.
Until recently I'd mostly come across negative reviews of Miss Jessie's. I'd even heard concerns that they contained ingredients found in relaxers but I dont know if there's any truth to it. 
Considering some of the things I heard I didn't find the products as bad as I had expected. My hair did feel soft but I really didnt like the stiff-ish feeling it also had. 
The other issue had to be the smell of the Sweetback Treatment. For someone who's a big fan of sweet smells, this was too much even for me, but on the plus side the smell of the shampoo was so lovely that I would use it again despite the Ammonium Sulphate. 
Based on this first experience I would only give these products a second trial if they were free again, I don't think I would ever buy one. (Plus I heard they're quite expensive, and I couldn't bring myself to pay a lot of money for something containing mineral oil.)