Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Origins Of The Afro Comb - Update


Hi guys, it's time to update you on what's happening with the Origins of the Afro Comb project.
For those who haven't yet heard, Origins Of The Afro Comb is an exhibition that will open next year at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, and as one of the committee members Im lucky enough to bring you all the latest info on what's planned.
At the beginning of this year a lot of bloggers were very supportive and came down to take part in the talks and recorded interviews -big thanks again!- you can read about that & watch footage >>HERE<<.
Teamnatural at last week's Afro Comb talk at the Petrie Museum
The last of the London based community talks, took place at the Petrie Museum last week but there's still loads of ways to get involved. We're always looking for people to be involved so if you have any ideas or suggestion or just want to take part in some way simply get in touch.
(Drop me an email: crystalafro[at] and we can take it from there.)

Over the summer the official website for the project was launched, so if you want to get more info on the project, the people behind it and how to get involved make sure you check it out:
The exhibition is going to include Afro combs and hair tools as old as 6000yrs old and there are a number of interviews that have been carried out in Jamaica that are already available to view on the site so make sure you check it out. 


Exhibition Curator Sally-Ann Ashton was able to confirm that we have been granted extra space within the museum so we're currently trying to decide on how best to use it, what objects and how to contextualise them etc. It looks like it will be diaspora focused once the details are more definite I'll let you know.
As part of the exhibition Artist/ Curator Michael McMillan will be setting up a Barber Shop installation which also I'm really  looking forward to.

Myself and the members of the committee are really keen for this exhibition to be inclusive of the community, and I would particularly like to make sure that the growing number of natural ladies, both in Britain and abroad have their input, so I figured it could be fun to launch a little interactive challenge for us naturals online.

As many of you may know I'm in love with the phone-camera app Instagram. Its great for sharing photos of hair, fashion food etc.
I'd really love it if this month (seeing as it's Black History Month here in the UK) us naturals could share photos of our hair tools.
Anything from Combs, to crocodile clips, even things you may not use any more like an old hot comb or blow-drier, or things you use everyday like hair bands or pins.
It's just for fun and it would be great to see what you guys come up with. 
Post your pictures using the hashtag #AfroCombex
I'll be posting this one tonight and tagging some people to get us started off.

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