Tuesday, 9 October 2012

My D.I.Y Hair Accessory & Even Lazier Top Knot


I posted a new video on youtube showing you how I sometimes make my own head bands from not elasticated material and without any sewing or glue.
Its incredibly cheap and simple and although it may not be the most sophisticated or complexed creation, it is fun to make stuff yourself.

All you need is:
Some trimming 
A small hair band

Check out the vid to see how it's done, and also how I wish I had styled my hair on Saturday.
If I had realised I could throw my hair into one of the most simple "festival styles" I'd seen through out the Summer, I would've definitely rocked it on Saturday just gone, when we had the last few drops of Sunshine. I didnt actually think my hair was long enough to create a top knot without pins (especially since I recently gave it a trim), but it turns out it is, so it's likely I'll be sporting this look again very soon. I also like it because its one of those styles that's not supposed to look too neat, which is perfect if you like to keep it quick & casual but always cute!

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