Monday, 8 October 2012

I Have A Question About Beyonce & Hair

Yesterday at H.A.I.R a man in the audience made a very interesting comment and basically said that since Beyonce came out wearing braids earlier this year, he is now seeing loads more girls wearing them. 
Until yesterday when I heard him say it, I'd never thought about Beyonce's braids too much. I think I had noticed a few more females rocking box braids this year than last year, or the year before but I never made any link between the two. 

On the one hand I'm kicking myself because I feel so strongly about being aware of the powerful influence of mainstream media and culture; yet having said that, I wonder if Beyonce's braids really are responsible for an increase in this particular protective style. What do you make of the suggestion? 

Are more females rocking braids this year because of Beyonce?
Have you noticed it, or maybe you've done it? Was the guy in the audience unfairly accusing so many women of merely behaving as sheep or was he right, and have I just been a bit slow to make the connection? 
What do you think?

(sidenote: saying/typing braids feels so uncomfortable to me. I call them plaits or extensions but maybe that's probably just a British thing.)


  1. I think media influence women with hair all the time. I find myself looking at pictures I want that style. But beyonce and solange just copied a look from 90s and made it popular again

  2. I think beyonce herself was late on this style. I was seeing the braids in a high bun look for a while before!

    1. I agree. So many ppl before where wearing long braids and buns. Sadly it goes to show just how much influence she has over ppl. It's almost like ppl are too afraid to think for themselves these days.

  3. I don't think he was right with that comment. If he had said Solange, then I would maybe have understood. I think the whole box braids thing is funny because I feel in the UK we've always worn braids a lot! I remember being 11 and wearing 'solange-esque' box braids. But at the same time, you can't deny the influence of the media and maybe had it not been for someone like Solange not as many people would be wearing them right now.

  4. Many of us have been rocking braids for TIME! But I know a lot of women who stopped because it reminded them of when they were kids. Solange is the person I think who encouraged some hesitant women to step forward being natural and rocking braids in their adult-hood. I think Beyonce was just late in following the trend. But I think the women who thought we were just being "afrocentric" probably changed their mind and accepted the style as "fashion" when they saw Beyonce rock them. Beyonce is a lot more mainstream than her sister who I think many class as "alternative".

  5. At the earliest of her career Bey was rocking braids!

    Anyway like everything, I think people start noticing things when it's made popular by mainstream media, although Black women have been wearing it forever.

    A lot of Black women have always sported braids ( mainly because they are convenient and stress free) and in extreme weather ( summer and winter) and Beyonce has nothing to do with it!

  6. Not at all...trends come full circle, and some people never stopped rocking braids. Solange was also rocking them before Beyonce anyway (this time around) and after that I saw several women interested in them on forums and via social media. Heck, I def wanted some after I saw Solange's - I'm just too lazy for the takedown!


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