Friday, 14 September 2012

NaturalHair Styling: Flat-Twist and Turban

Natural Hair Styling:
This is an old quick fix style that that I filmed back in April. It's been up on my YouTube channel since then, but I totally forgot to do a blog post about it at the time. 

It's really simple: after applying a leave-in conditioner, I used Mango Twist by BeUnique Haircare to do 3 flat-twists at the front. The rest of my hair, I tied back with 2 hair bands and covered with my silf scarf.
This is a temporary quick-fix for those times when you don't have time.
It allows me to hide my un-styled hair until I do have time to come back and do it properly.


  1. Oooh. Love. Will definitely give this style a go. Looks fab x

  2. This style looks great. Will be lovely for autumn/winter. I like turbans but I don't have the courage to wear them out, lol. I only wrap my hair at night, who know maybe this season I'll give it a go ;0)

    1. Thanks xx
      Give it a go, I was really unsure when I first tried them last year but then came to really like/ depend on them at one stage. Let me know ifyou decide to step out in urs xx


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