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Friday, 28 September 2012

Natural Hair In The Sun Newspaper

Natural Hair in The Sun Newspaper

Did anyone else see the 2 page feature on natural hair in The Sun newspaper yesterday?
 I randomly came across it while at work yesterday evening. I was casually flicking through someone else's copy when I spotted Angel from The Natural Lounge & Lukwesa from Gidore.
Lukwesa & Angel in The Sun

The piece is written by Times Journalist Eva Simpson, who describes her experiences of jheri curls, relaxers and weaves before recently deciding to do the big chop and go natural. 

Eva Simpson (Source)
 Congratulations to Eva on her decision to go natural, and sharing it with the nation.
We all know that ladies with natural hair have a huge presence online, but to see natural hair being addressed and acknowledge by a black British woman, on a double page spread in one of the nations most popular news publications is definitely a big thing - or at least I think so.
I think it does a lot of good for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I hope that people will look at Eva recognise that she looks equally as professional with short Afro hair, as she did with long straight hair, and hopefully dispel the ridiculous myth that natural hair doesn't look professional. 

Secondly, I found it quite unexpected but very pleasing that a publication more commonly associated with topless page 3 girls, gave such a considerable amount of positive focus to the topic of Afro hair and the subject of beauty as specifically related to black women. 

Page 3 Girls - synonymous with The Sun
According to Newsworks The Sun's readership appears to be about 57% male, 43% female, and I could be wrong but I'm going to guess that its predominantly white males. Based on the demographics I cant guarantee how much of the dominant audience members will take the time to read beyond the headline, but who knows? There could be white fathers of daughters with Afro hair who could have benefited from the article or the links to Angel & Lukwesa's sites.

I completely commend Eva, for putting her story in the good old British red top, and shedding a light on natural hair for new audiences.
Did you see it and what did you think?
Click >>Here<< to read the article.