Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Hair Therapy Wrap: A Review

Product Review:
I was sent the Hair Therapy Wrap by the lovely Lukwesa of online store and its one treat I am incredibly grateful for.
The Hair Therapy Wrap is a cordless, thermal hood for deep conditioning hair.
I prefer to use heat when deep conditioning as this helps open up the hair cuticle, which I believe makes it easier for the penetrating ingredients of my conditioner to seep in and really treat my hair.
Diagram of a hair shaft on the HTW box.
The major perks of The Hair Therapy Wrap are mobility and silence, so I can deep condition my hair whilst moving around, and whilst having a phone conversation or just listening to the radio.
I love it!

The Wrap includes microwavable gel heat-packs, that are inserted into the hood before placing it in the microwave. Alternatively, you can heat the pads using the cooker.
I wasn't sure if the packs could match the heat of my blowdrier and attachment hood but they really can, and if you dont follow the careful heating instructions you could burn yourself and damage the packs.
Gel packs
The only downside is that depending how I place it on my head, Im sometimes unsure if the back of my hair is getting as much heat as everywhere else, but that could just mean Im placing it too far forward.

The Hair Therapy Wrap is recommended for ALL hair types and as the box says "One size fits most."
I love it!

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