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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Trying to Compliment #Teamnatural

I've been meaning to share this little incident with you that happened a couple of weeks ago, and I'd love to know your thoughts.

I received a Natural Lounge Style Card from Angel of TheNaturalLounge.com (one of my favourite and first UK blogs for natural hair that I ever came across) a couple of months ago at Curls Unleashed party.
Natural Lounge Style Cards are simply a way of offering a compliment and encouragement to other ladies you see rocking their natural hair with style. The idea is to pass the positivity on (so you're not allowed to keep the card.) 

Personally I think they're a great way to give someone a positive boost. However, when I tried to pass on the positivity to a teenager out shopping with her friends, who all had weaves or relaxed hair, I think I inadvertently caused offence.
I'd seen the group of girls who were probably in their mid teens, and she was the only one who was natural. Her hair was styled in a kind of quiff at the front and puff at the back and she looked very "en trend". In my opinion she was the perfect recipient of the style card.
I went and gave it to her, but as I walked away I heard the stereotypical-tone of unnecessary youthful attitude from one of her friends who exclaimed:
"Thats Rude! So what, am I not beautiful?"
 I hadn't prepared myself for the fact that me complimenting one person could be taken as an insult to another. I tweeted about it at the time because I felt the friend with the attitude should have been supportive of the fact that her friend was receiving a compliment, instead of criticising the gesture.
Regardless of hair type I think people should celebrate each other more often.
What do you think?
If your friend received a compliment, would you be pleased for her or offended that it wasn't you?