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Saturday, 21 July 2012

I Miss(ed) My Blog

 I Miss(ed) My Blog!!!

Hi Beautiful People - yep I mean you!
I'm finally back on the blog after nearly a month, and boy have I missed it. Instead of boring you with the details of my absence, Im gona get straight to business....

First off, check out all the natural ladies in the current issue of Black Hair Magazine, including me!!
Whoop Whoop!

June was a very busy month for natural hair, and Black Hair Magazine has captured us naturals at a couple of places including the Afro Hair & Beauty Show and Curlvolution (Click Here to read my Event Reviews).
Secondly, I've updated the Natural Hair Events page with a couple of events happening, particularly in Birmingham so be sure to check them out.

And finally, my dad's been getting much better and I've been working back in the theatre again, where quite a few of my friends at work have been talking about natural hair. Some are considering going natural, some are transitioning and some people have been natural for quite a while. Thank goodness for Instagram, as its pretty much the only form of social media that I've been able to update relatively regularly with micro-picture posts. If you have an Instagram account you can follow me by searching @Crystalafro. Here are some of my favourite work shots as well as some of my hair styles for work.

Trying to inject new life into a broken hair accessory and twists.

High Bun & Flat Twists. I pinned the twists down later.

Flat Twists and lazy low bun ... I couldn't wait to my
crapy bun out on the tube home that night
After work drinks with Yo, who's decided to transition.
Some of the ladies at work
After work drinks with with Danielle who's transitioning (centre)
& Jo (right) who's a natural hair veteran.
Danielle's dressing table - she's one of the most enthusiastic
transitioners I know. I love it!
Cherrelle rockin' her 'fro before the show! Luv, Luv, LUV it!
A centre parting & low bun experiment. I may try it again soon.
My friend brought his sons in to work. Officially Gorgeous!
Craig rockin' his curly 'fro.

My Twirl Around Crown (I think its becoming my signature style, lol)

Aaron changed his hair 3 times in 3days. From afro, to blow out,
to flat twist. His hair melts me - Luv it!

Day 3 of Hair experiments with Aaron. I gave him a 3 min
Flat twist tutorial & these are his first attempts - Im so proud.
This week's chunky canerow. It's got 4th day frizz in this pic.