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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

June Jubilee Event Reviews pt2 - Kickin' It With The Kinks Premiere


I've been on Twitter and Facebook for a while now, raving about a new natural hair documentary, made in the UK.

(Above: The official Kickin' It With The Kinks trailer)
I first saw a few clips posted on my Facebook page by the film's maker Cynthia Butare, and I instantly knew that this was going to be something great. The killer clip for me was the hair debate at Manchester University, which was dominated by the opinions of ladies with weaves and straight hair and at times looked a little heated. I instantly knew that this was the kind of film that needed to be seen and shared, and it seems I wasn't the only one.
clip from the documentary
The film follows the journey of Black Girl Flow's Mundia, as she decides to go natural. It explores the issues tied up in the topic of Black hair including the thoughts and fears of Black women when it comes to their natural hair, as well as the lack of "hairduation", media and beauty perceptions, and whether natural hair can be professional. She also looks at the part played by history and its effects on how some women perceive themselves and talks with a number of familiar faces including Keysha Davis (Editor of Black Hair Magazine), Felicia Leatherwood and many others. 
Felicia Leatherwood & Lukwesa Burak at the KIWTK Screening

The screening was organised by the Black Girl Flow ladies who unfortunately faced a few delays and technical hitches. However, despite offering their apologies it to those waiting, the delay actually resulted in a rather unique opportunity for audience members to sit and talk with Super-Star Stylist Felicia Leatherwood, which was definitely a bonus.
Once the film was rolling it was well worth the wait. I'd been looking forward to seeing the completed project, and despite being co-hosts for the day neither Sister E nor myself had been privy to an early viewing.

The film was very well received by the audience (myself included) who were amazed to discover this was Cynthia's first time behind a camera. With that in mind it was understandable that Cynthia stood at the front of the room with tears in her eyes after being applauded for her work; as she revealled that it just started out as a university project which she had no idea it would garner so much interest.
Film maker Cynthia Butare

Me co-hosting
Myself and Sister E (The Calabash Hub) opened the Q&A session with the panel of special guests including Felicia Leatherwood (Loving Your Hair Workshops), Belinda Raji (BeUnique Hair Care) and Tennaka and Jenette who both appear in the documentary.
I've attended several events at Cottons Restaurant (Islington) and the intimate settings of the venue always make for a reassuring sense of unity and openness during discussions. There were some very encouraging statements made by members of both the panel and the audience.
On the topic of business and the Black hair care industry Belinda and Felicia highlighted some very interesting points which I think encouraged many people in the room to consider the strength we have as a collective to make changes to a multi-million pound industry.
During the lunch break most ladies could be found surrounding the vendors stalls, either BeUnique, The Goodybox UK, or The Calabash Hub.
As well goody bags there was also a chance to win tickets for Afro Hair & Beauty Live, courtesy of the lovely Lukwesa (Gidore.com) who also came down to see the film.

Following it's premiere, the ever artistic Cynthia has made a short video of peoples reactions to the film which you can watch below. Be on the look out for future screenings of Kickin' It With The Kinks.

(Images courtesy of Kickin' It With The Kinks)