Wednesday, 13 June 2012

JJ Events Reviews - AHB & Curls 10th Birthday


This year I was fortunate enough to attend both days of AHB, and I will say my experiences were significantly different, but I'll get into more detail about that later on.

I have Gina of Natural Belle, Keysha Davis - Editor Black Hair Magazine, and the long arm of Twitter to thank for my very first experience of having my hair done by a professional, since going natural over a year ago.When Gina tagged me in Black Hair Magazine's Twitter search for natural hair models at the show I decided I was up for it and after a few emails I was off to AHB to have my hair done by one of the UK's top natural hair stylist Angela Plummer.

Yemisi from Black Hair Magazine and Angela were both really friendly and made the experience a lot of fun. It wasn't long before groups of women were gathering around the BHM Stall and watching me have my hair done. Some ladies came and felt my hair and some even practised styling it with Anglea's help. At first it felt a little strange being on show, but I enjoyed it.
Angela used products from the Kera Care Natural Textures range to create 2 different styles including an updo and a twistout, before creating a final double-barrel pin roll creation that was totally magazine-esque.
It was a little more extravagant than Im used to, and if you know me, then you'll know Im more of a "forehead-partially-covered/ side-swept" kinda girl, but trying something new did give me a little confidence boost and made me think I should probably try wearing my hair pinned off from my face more often.

The only downside to being a hair model was not being able to see how Angela created the styles, but I enjoyed people coming up and practising on my hair with Angela's supervision, so at least other people were learning how they were done.

After the hair modelling, I had a chance to quickly run around and see what was happening for the rest of the day. It turned out my partner in crime Ketisha (@SugarKinesis) was also busy having her hair done by none other than Felicia Leatherwood at the Beautiful Textures stall, which I think she's still smiling about nearly 2 weeks later.

As I tried to get to grips with the "Natural Zone" I bumped into the lovely Nwadi, Author of Combing England For Afro Curls Blog, who amazingly hooked me up with a Press Pass to return the following day. In return for my "golden ticket" I gave her a big kiss (I wish I had more to offer.)
The following day I was able to get a much better feel of the event, so check back here on the blog later this week for my verdict.


After ABH myself and a number of other ladies, ran across the road to attend the Curls 10th Birthday to "spend an evening" with Curls Founder Mahisha Dellinger, courtesy of Afrotherapy and Care For Your Hair. Pelumi did a wonderful job as the evening's host before handing us over to Mahisha who talked us through how to use the products and how she started out in the business of making hair products.

Mahisha was very warm and spoke openly and honestly about a variety of things including how her life and upbringing affected her motivation and drive, as well as the politics of race and gender in the hair and beauty industry and even the importance of supporting the competition.

Prior to that evening I had thought that Curls products were specifically for curly/ wavey hair types, as opposed to coily Afro hair, but having been reassured that they can be used on my hair, Im now looking forward to trying my full sized free sample from the goody bag, as well as the new Cashmere Curls product, which is intended to be especially great for coily hair.

Source: Care For Your Hair
Source: UK Naturals
Curls Goody Bag
All in all a busy but fun day, but I was still excited about round 2 of AHB Live.... To Be Continued........

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