Sunday, 17 June 2012

Happy Father's Day

My Dad sporting the jheri curl & me as a baby

If you're a regular reader you'll know that for the past little while I've been staying with my Dad to look after him though his back injury. Much like a lot of men his hair has never been the top of his priority list, but since the back injury its been of even less concern.
My dad has natural hair (no more of that jheri curl seen above) that's at least a couple of inches long and on Friday evening, after a month without so much as a bristle being near it, I finally took on the duty of tackling that head.
I really wanted to do a before and after picture of what dad's hair looked like but I value my life too much to start playing with cameras when he's not in the mood. So I've tried to find some kind of example to give you an idea of what I was working with....

This big ball of confusion was the closet replica I could find

Basically a hot mess! So I got myself tooled up with:
1 Afro Comb
1 Wide Tooth Comb
1 Hair Divider
2 Hair Bands
1 Spray Bottle of tap water
1 Towel 
and a bottle of Africa's Best Detangling Conditioner and I began my mission to detangle.

I deliberately used water and a leave in conditioner instead of a Pre-poo mixture of oils because I dont know when my dad will feel up to washing his hair so I didn't want to leave him with a head dripping with oil. Instead, the water did the first half of the job by softening the hair and the conditioner gave it the slip.
I began by sectioning the matted mess into 4 quarters - 2 at the front, 2 at the back. Then I divided each section into 4 quarters again, giving me a total of 16 sections to detangle and plait.
I took it one section at a time, spraying with water, smoothing the hair and finger detangling a little, before smoothing on some conditioner, and finger detangling a bit more and combing through a few difficult knots, and then plaiting.
I was very impressed at the detangling ability of the conditioner considering it was only £2.79, so I may try it myself soon.

I began dads hair at 7pm and finished it just after 10pm but the fact I finished at all was the biggest surprise to us both. I actually really enjoyed spending time with my dad, doing his hair and watching the football. 
Me & Dad watched Walcott change the game in Euro 2012
England vs Sweden
On a side note: Am I the only one who
almost didnt recognise Rooney with
his new weave?

But what made me smile the most was after I finished putting his hair into plaits, as if from no where, he pulled out a black satin cap!!!!

It was a big job to hold my laughter in as he told me how much softer his hair felt when he wore it at night, and when he told me how he'd given one to a friend; and then how that friend had come back asking if my dad could get him one for another friend of his!!!! Hahahahahaaaaa
Who knew the modern man was so clued up about his hair? I wasn't even going to suggest anything to cover the head because I didn't think he'd be bothered, so although it made me laugh, I was very impressed.
The other crazy thing I discovered when doing dads hair was that his hair texture varies around his head in almost exactly the same way as mine. Softer looser curls at the front especially on the right handside, and thicker, tighter curls at the back on the left!
That little discovery totally freaked me out!!!

Anyway, Happy Father's Day to all the Fab Dad's out there!


  1. Wow, you look so much like your dad! Great post! So sweet of you to care for him!

  2. lol you ARE after all your dad's daughter, lol too bad we didnt see any pix hopefully next time?


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