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Curlvolution: Curlfriend's Day Out (June Jubilee Event Reviews)



Over the past year and a bit, I've been to quite a few hair or hair related events and Im gradually able to slot them neatly into categories such as workshops, meet-ups, launch parties, expos etc but I felt like the Curlfriend's Day Out, created a new niche within the realms of natural hair meet ups.

As you'd expect, there were great vendors, scheduled talks, and even some free food, but there were also some key features of the day that helped establish this first ever Curlvolution as having that special extra factor.

Meen Clothing
Shea Butter Cottage
Be Unique Hair Care
Black & Brown
Firstly, from the moment I found out I would be on a panel with Fusion of Cultures (Laila-Jean), Woman In The Jungle (Wunmi), Love Your Tresses (Fiona) and Care For Your Hair (Pelumi), I was instantly happy and uber excited. Looking back at when I first went natural and began blogging, not only can I recall how excited I was when I first discovered where to locate other British Naturals online, but I also remember being inspired by their journeys and experiences as well the support and encouragement these ladies gave and have continued to give.
It's no surprise that sharing the panel with these ladies was great!

I'm not sure about the other girls but I definitely started off feeling very nervous, but once we all got going and began answering questions, it was clear we could have carried on for the whole day.

The day was hosted by Motivational Speaker Action Jackson who, to put it plainly is nothing less than gifted. I dont think anyone could have left that day without their internal sensors detecting the seeds of success having been well and sown.

Curlvolution Host - Action Jackson

Jackson's ability to encourage a sense of connectedness among audience members developed a wonderful feeling of common unity that I can best liken to being in church. If you were part of the congregation "Disciplined, Focused, Done!" and "I AM AMAZING!" were the statements we made with conviction, as Jackson demanded that we claim our blessings and recognise our true beauty and potential.

One of the major highlights of the day had to be the BC* Makeovers.
Just WOW!
That right there was a roller-coaster of emotions for EVERYONE in that room.
When the stylists from natural hair salon Adornment 365, began to cut the hair of 2 volunteers, the room broke into cheering and applause. There was so much support from everyone and I only wish those volunteers knew how many of us were moved to tears with them. 
The vendors around the room all donated items to the ladies to help them through the next stages of their natural hair journey, which I think made a lot of other ladies wish they'd have big chopped at Curlvolution.

Adornment 365 Salon Director - Margot and team,
talking through the BC Makeover

Before the end of the day the ladies returned to the stage to reveal their complete BC Makeovers, causing the room to erupt into cheers. In was incredible!

One the most amazing revelations of the day was the discovery that Curlfriend's Day out was the direct result of disappointment. In other words the wonder behind Curlvolution and its success, Curlvolution founder Bukky, had been disappointed by an event she had attended and wanted to create something she felt was missing. Not only did she manage to fill the void for herself but also for a number of other women to. Congratulations Bukky!! I know I'm not the only one who's already looking forward to Curlvolution next year.

*BC = Big Chop: Cutting your hair short to be rid of the straightened ends.


  1. Great post! Looks like so much fun! I wish I could have been there! I'll have to free up my summer next year to go to all the great London events! Im JEALOUS!

  2. Great Post! I wish I knew about it it sounds great: Please keep us posted on any future events. Great blog too.x

    1. Thanks Faylicious xx
      Keep an eye on the Natural Hair events page, thats where I post up the events I hear about. xx


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