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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Curls Unleashed (June Jubilee Event Reviews)


Just one week after hosting the Beautiful Textutres Launch, the hottest BC in broadcasting was at it again. This time the lovely Lukwesa was hosting the Curls Unleashed Lavish UK Party.

Similarly to the Beautiful Textures evening, the Lavish UK party was one of THOSE nights; the kind that goes beyond your standard meet up and is an official party.
I couldn't quite believe that we we're treated to a LIVE performance by British Soul Legend OMAR!! I'm sure when most of us attend hair events, we don't expect to be sharing the room with celebrity singing sensations that we've grown up listening to. It was fantasitic!

Omar performing at Grace Bar London, for Curls Unleashed
As well as beauty bar for getting eyelash extensions and nails done, there was also a VIP Bloggers area, but to be honest I spent so much time on the dance floor that I barely spent any time in the bloggers suite...

What really made the night extra special for me was the surprise arrival of my old work buddies and friends from the Lion King!!

The girls have been asking me for ages if I know of any events that take place outside of their work hours, and I can definitely testify to the hectic Disney schedule, but it's vary rare that their are any natural hair events happening mid-week, so it was such a wonderful surprise to see them.

My hair was inspired by the Fusion of Cultures tutorial for Naturalbelle and my previous Frohawk frolics. What d'you think?

Check out all my photos from the night on the Facebook page.