Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Updates - Ghana Combs

I usually write quite detailed blog posts but with everything that's gone on in the last few weeks, I decided I'd be better off doing an Overdue Update Series of a few condensed post giving you a quick word on a few hair related topics that I've been keeping a mental note of. It almost breaks my heart to skip all the juicy details but I'd rather share a little bit of something than a whole lot of nothing.
So this is Part I of the Overdue Update Series....

Overdue Update Series I
Twi-mendous Treasures From Ghana
A couple of weeks ago my mum returned from her holiday to Ghana and I'm pleased to say both her and my aunt, absolutely loved it. As British born Jamaicans they're so used to holidaying in the Caribbean, but I think they both felt like they found a missing link of sorts when they arrived in Accra.
Somehow my aunt managed to make it into a advert about locs which was being filmed while they were there. My mum got a clip of it on her camera, so if I can get it onto my computer, I'll post it up on youtube.
My mum also brought back a few bits for me which I still haven't had a chance to delve into properly yet, but I cant wait to...

Black Soap by Ghanaian brand Beauty Secrets

Oh Yes! A Ghanaian fashion and beauty magazine...

And my absolute favourites - 3 Afro Combs!! 
My mum figured they were an appropriate buy considering my work on the Origins of the Afro Comb Project. I think there's one from each city she visited including Accra, Elmina and Kumasi.
They're absolutely beautiful and I'm so grateful! I look forward to talking about them more when I do my Afro Comb Tag Video on Youtube.

Shout out to all my Ghanaian subscribers, I can't wait to visit there myself one day. 


  1. The cover of the magazine is gorgeous.

    I am loving those afro combs.

  2. the black soap is absolutely worth it. i use it on my face and i have never been happier.


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