Sunday, 27 May 2012

Update - Sleep Over Kit

When it first became apparent that I would need to go and stay with my dad for a while until he recovered from his bad back, I figured it would probably be quite a short term thing and I probably wouldn't need to bring a lot of stuff. Consequently, I only packed a few sleep over essentials for my hair. However, because I'm so used to being surrounded by my hoards of hair products, tools and accessories, it took me a minute to whittle it down to what I consider to be my basic essentials or a sleep over kit.

My Sleepover Kit
 Tools & Accessories

Satin Cap
Because it's easy! Even if I cant be bothered to tie a headscarf at night, I have no excuses for not simply slipping this on instead.
(I did also brought a satin scarf with me too, because depending on the design, a night time scarf can double up as a daytime accessory.)
Wide Tooth Comb
Because I try not to use brushes too often anyway, and between this comb and my fingers, I have all I need for basic partings and detangling.
Hair pins and Bobby Pins
Because almost anything is possible with hair pins!
1 headband and 2 x hair bands, because if all else fails, throw it back in a puff of scoop it up into 1. (The second hair band is just a back up.)

My Sleepover Kit

Before I do any sort of styling or detangling of my hair I always add some form of moisture!!!

I cant always tell what my hair is going to want/ need from day-to-day. Sometimes all it needs is a light water based refreshments but sometimes it needs something a little thicker, so I like to be equipped with a little of both.... 

Mmm Hair Revitalising Spritz
This is my must have spritz for my hair and luckily its available in travel size bottles.
Leave-In Conditioner
At the at the time of packing I was trying the Beautiful Textures leave-in so I poured some of it into my travel bottle
Shea Butter
In case my ends need sealing or my hair just needs something thicker than a leave-in, its good to have a small tub of butter with me. I've mixed my shea butter with some coconut oil and castor oil. It's also useful as a body butter too. 
Scalp Hydration Serum
I love this oil for my scalp but especially at this time of year when my scalp tends to need the most care. This is the product that helps me fight the flakes. I really wish I could get this in a miniature bottle too.

What would you take in your natural hair sleep over kit?


  1. I use the sama scalp hydration serum. It's one of my must have products.

  2. Oh I meant same scalp hydration serum


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