Saturday, 19 May 2012


Recognise anyone in this vid? Watch after about 4 mins in.

I dont know the person who made the vid so I'm guessing they found my "bad hair day" picture on Google. I have to admit I did laugh at some of it, cos its the same sort of jokes my boys used to make in school.
However, I understand why people get offended at these type of videos - the academic in me is readily equipped to break it all down, but this video is clearly not intended to have academic appeal, so it's probably best taken for what it is - a joke.
Having said that, Im fully aware of the fact that vids such as this can be hugely damaging to people who are insecure about their natural hair, so let me encourage you not to take it to heart.
If anything, I hope people who spot my pic will take note that not everyday with natural hair has been a good one - I have loads of bad hair day & hair fail pics, especially in my earliest posts. I share them because they become proof of my natural hair progress. I hope they can also be helpful for other ladies to see.
Its also important to remember....
the devil is a liar! - Natural hair remains beautiful and always will be!
What do you think of the video?


  1. as messed up as this is, it is actually quite hilarious. Sometimes we just have to laugh at ourselves *as I touch my luscious hair*

  2. Firstly I know its a 'joke', but is I think I missed the funny The natural community right now is doing a great job worldwide of raising awareness about being natural etc, and it take alot of women so much strength to venture on this journey and shy away from the prescribed notion of beauty. So even if its a joke, its telling women to perm that ish and conform to whose standard of beauty exactly? What is he really achieving by putting pics of natural ladies on their off days? Other people might see this and not think its a joke. I think sometimes because we are in the know, being natural is the norm to us, and sometimes things like this can affect people negatively. Anyway rant over,sorry :) and I totally agree with what you've said Crystal.x x x

  3. I didn't find it very funny. Not because it's a joke at the expense of natural haired women (I've laughed/smiled at other mocking vids), it simply wasn't funny to me. I'm still half asleep, so maybe that's why...
    Anyway, I do think people should ask permission if they use photos of someone else taken from their blog.


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