Thursday, 10 May 2012

Frolicking with Frohawks

Frolicking with Thoughts
of Fro-Hawks

When I wore my first fro-hawk attempt a few weeks ago, I mentioned that I didn't feel as confident as I'd have liked, partly because it was a last minute fix, but also because I'm not used to rocking anything like a frohawk as a style (read about it >>Here<<).
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Since going natural, I've seen other people sporting some fantastic frohawks and recently I've been seeing even more.
Flashback of Frohawks in 2011

Recently in 2012
It seems that people put their own stamp on how they decide to do their frohawk, and just yesterday I spotted this video collaboration by Natural Chica and Chescalocs on youtube. Together they've chosen a picture of a style - the frowhawk - and have each recreated it in their own way.
Natural Chica has loose natural hair, while Chescalocs has locs.

With all this inspiration, plus these tutortials Im a lot more optimistic about trying the style for a second time.

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