Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Following My Failure


A couple of weeks ago I had a hair fail when I tried to set my hair on Perm-rods for the first time. (Click >>Here<< to read the article)

In the days following I was really lazy with my hair and left it out for the majority of that week, which is the longest time I've left it loose all year.
Because I'd used gel with the perm rods I ended up with hair that was somewhere between a frizzy wash & go and a crunchy Afro, and didn't feel nice.

Luckily I'd recently received a special delivery from Mmm Hair including a full size bottle of Revitalizing Spritz. This basically saved my gel-tainted hair and helped get it into a wearable condition that I actually really liked.

Adding the spritz somehow evened out my curls so rather than looking like I had half a head of defined curls and half a head of frizz, my hair looked consistent, so I really enjoyed wearing it loose.

However leaving my hair exposed to the elements makes it thirsty, and coupled with the remnants of the gel, it was even thirstier so I spritzed it twice a day.
I managed to create this puff using just the silk scarf.
No headband.

When I finally got round to washing it, I used my Black Soap Mungala by Shea Butter Cottage as a shampoo bar for the first time, before eventually putting my hair into a protective style to wear for the rest of the week.
Look out for product reviews on the Shea Butter Cottage Black Soap Mungala and Mmm Hair Revitalizing Spritzer coming soon.

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