Saturday, 14 April 2012

Curly Hair Is The Worst

Last night I was out for my friend's birthday party in Wimbledon but on the way home it started to rain. At the moment I've been using Be Unique products on my hair and if you knew how good they are, you know Im not about to let them go to waste by letting it rain on my hair.
I love my twists I've done using BeUnique.
So I had my hat on, but as I walked down the road I definitely saw a blonde chick with straight hair walking not too far away, glance at me and my friends before shouting back to her friends "Hurry up its raining!"
Fair enough...
But then she continued "If you lot (her friends) take any longer Im gona have an Afro!"
Now I could be being paranoid but Im sure she glanced at me again after she said it, and I think she might even have given a mini smile - I dont think it was maliciously. In fact I think it may have been intended to be potentially friendly, because she then stated something about how "...having curly hair is the worst!" This wasn't said directly to me but it was said loud enough for me to hear.

Something about the whole scenario was difficult to read, because although I obviously don't agree with her, and if I'm honest, was a tad offended but not majorly, I'm not convinced she was intending to offend me with her statements.
Believe it or not, I actually think she was attempting to do the reverse i.e identify with me and what she assumed to be our shared plight of curly hair. 
I didn't say anything and just continued on with my friends. I wasn't offended enough to feel the need to say anything, but something about the situation made me think.
Now at this point, I'd usually like to offer some analysis and conclusion of my thoughts, but I cant quite figure out what to think. On the one hand, I welcome people trying to identify with each other beyond difference - (I honestly believe that one the reasons we're on this planet is to learn to live together). However sometimes a person can adopt an element of presumption in their approach, that has dangerous potential to shift the balance from complementary to kinda offensive.
If I had to give a final conclusion I would just add that it's not only Black women who would benefit from embracing their natural beauty. Curly hair is far from the worst and regardless of your hair type, there's no such thing as #BadHair!
The theme was checkered shirts (dont ask, Lol.)

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