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BeUnique: Product Review

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Im gona cut to the chase - I LOVE 'EM!
Love 'em! Love 'em! Love 'em!!
I could quite happily end the review there because I'm convinced that if you try it you'll love it too. But in case your not convinced it's for you, here's why I love it...
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By now I'm sure many of you will have heard of or seen Belinda Raji on her youtube channel BeUnique, where she tracks her progress as she develops the BeUnique product line. I first heard about BeUnique last year, and the more I heard, the more I'd been intrigued to try it.
Hairspiration vs Hesitation
When looking at other peoples reviews last year, I was very impressed as the results always looked gorgeous. I would look and think "I'd love my hair to come out like that", but in the back of my mind I worried, that maybe part of the reason for their great results was because their hair was in much better condition than mine, or maybe their texture was different from mine. It's always important to be aware that everyone's hair is different and there are no guarantees.
I was prepared for good results, but probably nothing as great as those I'd seen. How wrong was I!

 The Review
I hadn't intended to try a whole week of BeUnique, but the result I got from the tester twists I'd done, had me really excited to see what I could achieve with these products.

I began the week using the Moisture Custard after washing my hair. This is a leave-in conditioner/ daily moisturiser which I was really excited about because I'm constantly searching for conditioners. I was very very impressed with this one. I was worried it might leave it greasy but once it sunk in my hair felt incredibly soft and not greasy at all.
I followed up with the Mango Twist. This product worked so well it was like magic! Im not great at twisting my hair neatly, and especially not good at flat twisting neatly, but this product smoothed my hair down so nicely that it actually made my hair look really smooth and neat. This inspired me to try and push the boat out and get a bit experimental with my hair, so I came up with this random style of flat-twisting the front and loose twists in the back.

I was so impressed with how neat and healthy my hair looked that I decided to try and keep it in for the whole week. My hair felt soft and moistured for days. In fact it was only after the 3rd/ 4th night that I felt I should add any moisture, so I lightly spritzed with water before smoothing on a little Moisture Custard. It worked perfectly! I've also had more compliments on the colour of my hair this week, with people saying it looks so dark and healthy, and well moisturised. I'm actually quite taken back by how many compliments I had. And once again not greasy at all, I've had people put their hands on my hair this week and at no point was I worried that they came away with greasy fingers. 

Moisture Custard 100g - £8.95
Mango Twists 90g - £8.95
In my opinion these are both brilliantly priced but I wont be playing around with these regular sizes. I've had a taster and Im officially sold. The next time I buy either, I'll be buying the double sized tubs for £14.95.

Texture & Smell:
Both of the products have a light mousse-like texture, almost whipped and bubbly, but not as light as a mousse. They feel a bit lotion-like, yet at the same time, feel almost fluffy. They dont feel as weighty as creams or butters but they do feel substantial enough to notice them. If you've read my review of other products you'll know I like this medium consistency, because my hair absorbs it well.
The Moisture Custard feels more creamy and slippery than the Mango Twist, which is why I was concerned that it might leave my hair feeling greasy, but was very pleasantly surprised when it didn't. I can honestly say I felt 100% confident that my hair felt like hair, not greasy not crunchy, just hair!
Both the products have very light scents, in fact the Mango Twist is practically fragrance-free, while the Moisture Custard has a lovely but light, sweet smell of vanilla.

All of Be Unique products are handmade, 98 - 100% natural, pH balanced and free from Sodium laurel or lauryl sulfate (SLS), also known as sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), Parabens, Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, Propylene glycol, Isopropyl Alcohol and Silicones.

Key Ingredients of the Mango Twist:
Gingko Biloba, Mango Butter, Tucuma Butter, Oat Extract, Broccoli Seed Oil

Key Ingredients of the Moisture Custard:
Coconut Milk, Aloe Vera Juice, Illipe Butter, Hemp Seed Oil, Olive Squalane

Unlike the Mango Twist (which is white in colour) the Moisture Custard is a yellowish colour which I think it gets as a result of the Red Palm Oil it contains. This is the second product I've used this year that has contained Red Palm Oil and left my hair feeling fantastically soft, so I would add that to my personal list of key ingredients.

I dont know how Belinda's done this, when I first saw my results the only word that sprung to mind is "Magic!" I'm so impressed with my week of Be Unique and it now makes perfect sense to me why Belinda's hair always looks so fantastic. When I first went natural I completely depended on gel to get nicely defined twists, but Im so glad that's no longer necessary. I love the way it left my hair feeling like hair, I love the definition and hold. I love how healthy my hair looks, I love the confidence the products have given me in my hair. So I guess I end this review the same way I began....
Love 'em! Love 'em! Love 'em!
Be Unique is yet another brilliant reason for supporting homegrown British business. I need to see these products on the High Street ASAP. In fact Belinda, get yourself down to Dragon's Den, I'll testify to the brilliance of these products 100%! I reckon you could be the hair industry's equivalent of Levi Roots! 
Im so glad I finally got to try some BeUnique - Love it!
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The Video Review


  1. Ooh fab review.

    I'll definitely be trying this out. Do you purchase online? Sorry if you've mentioned this, it's nearly two in the morning I'm on my iPhone and I can't seem to view the vid. Will have a peak on the laptop in the morning.

    1. Yep, buy online or at Natural November Event which is coming up in May. But thats a good point - I need to add a link to the online store. Thanks Natalie x

  2. Your hair looks completely lush by the way. Looks so shiny and moisturised. God knows I need some of that in my life right about now. Lol.

  3. Your hair looks Great! Can't wait to place my order...I LOVE HER CHANNEL

    1. Thanks @Thesweetestgapeach. I totally agree Belinda's channel is great. She's done so well with these products.


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