Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Asymmetry - The Opposite of Length-Obsessed


Since going natural I, like a lot of other ladies, have been intrigued to see what lengths my hair can achieve. Personally I think this curiosity comes as a result of re-education. The whole idea that Afro hair can't grow beyond the shoulders, was something I completely believed before I went natural, but now I know the truth, and the myth has been dispelled, I've been understandably excited to see what lengths I can reach.
However, I often look at ladies who've BC'd, and get a "pang" of admiration, followed by an internal dialogue, where I discuss with myself, the possibility of cutting all my hair off.
Oh the Temptation!

Sometimes I think people can get a little too length-obsessed, and that's not just naturals, I think that's just society in general - (a topic for another day) - and although lengthy hair can look luscious, there's one particular cut that periodically pops up and reminds me just how show-stoppingly sexy, short hair can be....

Yes, the classically cool Asymmetric cut! Remember when Rhianna did it!
I think this statement cut played a huge part in propelling her status as a style icon... and yes I got sucked in by the hype...

It was the first time I'd ever EVER had my hair cut, and I don't regret it. In fact I still love it and IF I ever do a weave again, I'd probably choose this style.
However, last week at the Gidore event Cassidy of the Natural Selection Blog, was rocking the most fantastic asymmetric wash & go. Everything from the colour to the shaved side, had me in love with it, and I know I wasn't the only one. The best thing was, it reminded me that I don't have to depend on a weave to wear the asymmetric look.

Cassidy of Natural Selection

Cassidy of Natural Selection

I think my love for asymmetry began as a child when I wanted to be in Salt n Pepper and they wore one side of their head shaved. If you're the same age as me (27yrs) you'll remember it, if your a little bit older, you probably even rocked it! My older cousins and their friends loved Salt n Pepper, but weren't allowed to cut their hair, so instead they used to plait horizontal canerows along one side, to recreate the look, and I might do the same with my next Wash & Go.

If you haven't seen this already, check out this clip (0.43secs below) from the Chris Rock movie "Good Hair" which reveals the story behind the style. 

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  1. LOVE IT! You are totally getting me! I used to be with the length obsessed possee until I started asking WHY--whats the point!? I'm having so much fun with cuts and color now---thanks for acknowledging that and giving the shout out!! :)


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