Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Shopping Success II

I meant to post this a few weeks ago but before I hit the shops again today I figured I've give you an update on a few shopping discoveries I've made recently, beginning with...

While I was working in Kensington a few weeks ago I was sent to TK Max. I've always noticed the masses of toiletries they have, but so conditioned was I into thinking that the stuff in High Street stores "aint for my hair" that until now I never really bothered to look.
However, nowadays things have changed and if a shampoo or conditioner says it's moisturing and doesn't pack a terrifying amount of chemicals...oh, and is a decent price, I may just give it ago.
In this particular branch they had quite a few condtioners that caught my attention.
Organic Surge £3.99
The other good thing about TK Max is that they often sell salon-sized products, which is perfect if you use as much conditioner as me.
Various Salon-sized conditioners
I'm not familiar with any of the brands but the best thing about TK Max is that everything is reduced from its original RRP price.
I bought the huge bottle of EO Essentials Conditioner (pictured below) for just £7.99 and so far I love it, so expect a product review soon.

My local Sainsbury's FINALLY stocks Virgin Coconut Oil! "Where da hell have you been all this time?"
Virgin Coconut Oil - £6.99
I know that Asda stocks that "micky mouse" Coconut Oil with all the goodness and nutrients etc removed, for about £1 a tub...
... but I prefer my oils to be as natural as possible, i.e good enough to eat! 
I've regularly scoped the Oil shelves in Sainsbury's, and until now Coconut Oil was definitely absent. However a similar sized jar of Virgin Coconut Oil from Whole Foods Market, costs less at £4.99. (Click Here).

In addition to this you may've seen me tweet this  pic of the HUGE tub of Virgin Coconut Oil that I bought on sale at Whole Foods Market - down from £20.99 to £12.99!!
Needless to say I wont be needing to top up on coconut oil too soon. 
830g Coconut oil on sale at Whole Foods Market

The other new product I noticed on the Sainsbury's shelves was this new range called Happy Hair Days which is apparently Sulphate and Paraben free.
Happy Hair Days Shampoos & Conditioners - £3.99
No Parabens, No SLS or SLES!

Finally...while in Brixton:

  • Keracare Naturals - Sulphate-free Cleansing Cream
I posted about this on the CA Facebook page this week when I finally found a hair shop in Brixton that stocked products from the new Keracare Naturals range. Early this year I'd interrogated so many hair shop owners in Brixton asking them if, when, and why they did not yet have the new KCare Naturals range.
I've found the Cleansing Cream available in Clapham Junction, Dalston and now Brixton but the price for the same product varies as follows:
  • Clapham Junction = approximately £11
  • Brixton = approximately £9
  • Dalston = approximately £6

  • Curls Unleashed
While in Brixton I also spotted this new range of products called Curls Unleashed.  I was very curious about how these brand new product popped up in the hair shop without me having heard anyone talking about them previously. From what I understand it's quite hard to get new or little-known products (or well known products sometimes - can get some Kinky Curly over here please!) on to the UK shelves. But it turns out these products are by Organic Root Stimulator.
Coincidently, that same night I spotted a tweet by @Afrobella with a link to her article about new products, including Curls Unleashed. (Read it >>Here<<)  

That's All For Now!

Wishing you all successful natural hair shopping and if you've tried any of the products I've mentioned, how did you get on. Also if you have any other High Street shopping bargins or tips, please share the knowledge.
Happy Shopping #Teamnatural x
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  1. Great finds! You've got me itching for some new products now, but I'm controlling my pj'sm at the moment :).
    I don't mind buying high street/supermarket hair products either. As long as they don't have all the harmful ingredients. Another place to check is Boots. Their own branded products tend to be good sometimes.

  2. Ooo Thanks @Naturelle, I might try and see what their goodies are like too. xx

  3. You've got some really great finds. I confess I do use that x-offed coconut oil. You've made me want to switch now, lol. What shop did you pop into at Brixton? I'm based in Surrey so I have to go Tooting or Brixton as its closest to me for products and at the moment I'm running on LOW!

  4. Hey @MsXpat, there are soo many hair shops in Brixton market, I cant remember which one exactly but I think it was one on Electric Avenue, and theres another one on the same road as Argos, around the corner from the station, that I think does them too. xx

  5. I use the happy hair days range....smells sooo good and I'm convinced my hair loves it. I stack up while it's on offer! Nina


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