Thursday, 15 March 2012

Detangling II

Source: Designer - Ameyo Stylez (Check out her excellent designs here)
In a previous post I discussed the first step in my haircare routine which begins with Detangling. (*You can read my Detangling and Hair Routine Posts >HERE<*).
As I mentioned before the task of detangling can seem like the most tedious job, but taking a moment to detangle is actually hugely beneficial in terms of reducing time and frustration later on, and it also helps preserve length.
Personally I find it best to saturate my hair with a Pre-Poo mix of conditioner and oil and then begin detangling with my fingers.
My Pre-Poo Mixture
for Detangling
Below are some other detangling tips I found online...
(I wish I could remember which Tumblr I found this on.)
Also check out this video of Natural Chica trying Finger Detangling for the first time. See What she has to say by the end...

If you've tried Finger Detangling how did you find it? Do you still prefer to use a comb?
What are some of the Pros & Cons?

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  1. Hello there! ^_^ I haven't used a comb in a ridiculous amount of time - in fact, I feel bad at the neglect and dust they've gathered whenever I see them in that corner of my room....

    I love finger de-tangling! It's so easy and quick. I just run my fingers through my hair when adding coconut oil before washing and then when it's got lots of conditioner in it while I'm in the shower. Voila! Lovely hair that's as untangled as it could be.


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