Monday, 6 February 2012

Snow Style & Competition Winners

Hey #Teamnatural, how did you wear your 'fro in the UK's snow this weekend?
I tried a Chunky-ish Twistout and put it into a Protective Bun (again) to keep the ends safely away from the ice-cold atmosphere and any potential snowball fights. Looks like this style is gona get me through February too.
I used the complete range of Kinki Coili Kurli products by Root-2-Tip as well as a sample of the Nourish Hydrate & Shine Me Butter, which I'll be doing a Mini Review of soon.

The Chunky-ish Twists...

The Chunky-ish Twistout...
The Protective Bun. ready for the snow.
I think I might do chunky-ish twistouts more often. I like the big curly texture they give and they're a lot quicker than my regular twists.
Cut Colour & Style Competition Winners

The Winners of the Cut Colour & Style Competition are:
  • Wunmi Akinlagun
  • SiantheBaker
The correct answer was B. Cotton - you have each won a ticket to Cut Colour & Style. Please email me this week so we can confirm your win.

Thanks to Manestream Beauty for sponsoring the competition and thanks to those who entered. The Cut Colour & Style Competition is now closed, but remember there's more competitions coming up on the blog this month so make sure you subscribe for a chance to win.
P.S Wud Luv U 2 Subscribe x

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