Thursday, 9 February 2012

Playing It Straight & Looking Great!

I've been catching up with some of my fellow UK Naturals online including Natural Belle and Neffy FroFro aka Fusion of Cultures and look...

It seems they've both been experimenting with the straightners and they look absolutely fabulous. Similarly to both the ladies, I've been tempted to see what my natural hair might look like if I run the straighteners through it but I promised myself I'd wait until I think my hair is strong enough to handle the heat.

One of the best things about natural hair is that we can switch it up however we feel, but I am glad that neither of the girls seem tempted to go permanently straight anytime soon as I totally adore their Afro stlyes.
Anyway, you can check out what they each had to say about their pressed locks by following the links:
** Top Tips for Playing It Straight **
  1. Cathy Howse (Author -Ultra Black Hair Growth II) recommends only using a blow-drier when your hair is Wet to avoid stripping already dry hair of even more moisture.
  2. Check out Kimmaytube on Tumblr who recommends making sure your hair is Clean, Moisturised and well Detangled before straightening.
  3. According to hair burns at the same temperature as paper aprx 451 degrees F (or 233˚C) so get the temperature on the staighteners right. Too hot and it'll burn, to low and you risk causing extra stress to the hair by repeatedly running it along the hair shaft.
  4. And of course Keep It Protected: There are many different products that can be used to protect your hair when applying heat. Check out some of these which are all available in the UK.
N.B Remember to keep your hair protected from heat appliances.

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Good Luck Guys xx
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