Thursday, 2 February 2012

Natural Noire Review

Last weekend I passed through Natural Noire - to my knowledge it was the UK's first natural hair event of the year so far, and although I had a feeling the turn out would be big, I was still surprised to find out there were at least 400 people in attendance.
I was particularly impressed that the event managed to attract so many different generations of naturals.
Unfortunately, I missed out on a goody-bag which means I missed out on a sample of Be Unique Mango Twist, which I'm literally desperate to get my hands on! 
However I did buy a few goodies from Root-2-Tip and Afrocenchix, and if I hadn't run out of cash I would've bought some more MMM...Hair Products.I was pretty tired and not particularly in the mood for all the entertainment that was happening on the stage as it wasn't fantastically organised, and was dissappoint to find that the event was running a few hours behind time as I was waiting to see UK Vlogger "Fusion Of Cultures", give a talk on stage but she was "omitted" at the very last minute. 
On a more positive note, I did like the brief talk by Jocelyn of Afrocenchix, and M&H Bespoke Styles put some great hair styles on the catwalk for the fashion shows, with beautiful models.
Photos courtesy of @SugarKinesis aka K.Vaughn (Thanks)

Here's The Thing...
The thing about #teamnatural in the UK is that last year it really did feel like a team effort. My personal experiences getting to know each other, helping each other out and supporting each other, were very good. The Natural Noire event had a great turn out but a different feel to it than many of the events I attended last year.
Unity is essential, so I was very disappoint to witness how Laila aka "Fusion of Cultures" was treated, and can understand the feelings expressed in her Rant Video.

Im sure everyone's intentions are good and clearly from the increasing number of events and the increasing number of people attending them, us UK Naturals have the ability to make some really great and positive changes in our society, but the little things - like respecting each other - are essential for the bigger plans to succeed.

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