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Friday, 3 February 2012

January's Protective Bun & Accessories

I need to confess! I have soooooooo much stuff and clutter that I need to get rid of - like clothes, cds, furniture etc - that I made a promise to myself last year, that until I sold some of it, I am NO LONGER allowed to buy ANY new clothes.
However, I've yet to do a carboot sale (partly because I dont have a car), and as a consequence my wardrobe is suffering... so without breaking my promise to myself I have switched the rules up a bit...

Until I de-clutter I...
  • Am not allowed to purchase any NEW clothes items.
  • Must think twice and at least hesitate before buying any items of clothing on SALE.
  • Am allowed to treat myself to ACCESSORIES as and when they are needed.

With that in mind, yesterday I purchesed 2 new silk scarves and a pair of gloves (on sale) from Primark, and a pair of earrings, all for £3.

The scarves aren't particularly big but they are perfect to wrap around my hair, especially in the protective Wide-Bun style I've been wearing since December through January.

I love this style as its ticks so many boxes - its quick, easy, pretty, professional, adaptable and a protective style.

Here's the tutorial video that I got the idea from. I dont do it exactly the same anymore - I pin my hair over the outside of the band instead - it has less height and volume but it all depends on what you feel like.

P.S Wud Luv U2 Subscribe x

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