Sunday, 12 February 2012

Diva's Don't Die

This morning I heard the news that Whitney Houston has passed away. I'm usually saddened but not emotional when I hear about celebrities passing, BUT call it ironic if you will, that one of my favourite Whitney songs is called "So Emotional", because that's how the news has made me feel. As a huge Whitney fan, Im shocked and simply speechless!

Whitney Houston - I'm Every Woman

Until I can find the right words all I can do is throw myself into the magnificence that is her music.
Whitney was the definition of a Diva in my view. Her music meant something special to me and always will.

Whitney rocking the Afro Wig
in I Learned From The Best

A real Diva doesn't just die, a real Diva has has something God-given in her sound that transmits and touches people in a place beyond physicality, so as long as her music continues, so will she.

Whitney Houston - we will always love you!

Some of Whitney's Curly Girl Glory

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  1. Girl, today I dedicate and pray for Whitney and all those God given talented souls that have passed away at no age. She made my prmary and high school years, could always count on Whitney for a song for any emotion. God bless her. As she sang on my Love is your Love...if I should die this very day, dont cry as on earth we not meant to stay. Love you Whitney


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