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Adornment 365 Salon Review

Adornment 365 
-A Guest Review-

Since going natural I've been enjoying the fact that I dont have to rush to the hairdressers every 6-8 weeks, but I do like to know the hairdressers that specialise in natural hair in case I decide to treat myself in 2012.
Adornment 365, is one of London's best known Salons for natural hair and after attending their workshop in October last year, my expectations of their service were raised.
Although I've yet to go myself, a friend of mine recently recieved a discount voucher so decided to check it out and write a review for the blog.

Adornment 365 Review
2nd Floor, Morleys Dept. Store 472 Brixton Road, London SW9 8EH
Tel: 020 7737 5533

Finally On my way to get my hair done ( I have been ringing for a while to get an appointment), tired but excited because Lord knows my hair need some TLC.


I was on time which is always an achievement.  I arrived at Adornment 365 which is on the second floor of Morley’s department store. I was greeted by a lovely dreadlocked woman (I later found out this was the owner) she offered to take my coat. The atmosphere was nice and relaxed. I didn’t wait long before my stylist arrived.

écor- They are currently refurnishing, the décor at the moment is stainless steel, with large mirrors and a vivid splash of pink.
 My hair is washed with peppermint shampoo. The stylist ( Yemi)  was polite, the conversation was kept at a minimum which I like and as she washed my hair I drifted off.
Now it’s time for my  African  Rainforest steam which  contained Shea butter and nettle and a whole other bunch of natural goodness. (Contact Adornment for further details)
I am under the steamer and a cup of peppermint tea is on the way; I must say the staffs were attentive and helpful.  On a completely different note it will be interesting to see if my eye make-up will last, and I do believe that my pores are getting the added benefit of a steam as well.
Aprx 10.30AM:
I am offered the option of a blow dry or a towel dry I opted for the  later giving my hair a break from the heat. The conversation between the stylist and me flowed as it got busy. It is definitely a family atmosphere; kids were kept entertained with toys but weren’t a distraction. I decided to have a basic cornrow which resulted in a cornrowed Mohawk with a quiff.
Overall I loved the end result.  The environment was relaxed the staff were professional and attentive. Although I loved my hair it was on the pricey side. African Rainforest steam was £26.50 and basic cornrow was £26.50 in total £53.00 (I had a voucher for my birthday so it took the edge off a little and yes they do vouchers!)
Now I will say as a former  weave wearer I would pay about
£30 to buy the hair then around £40 to get my hair done so actually that’s  quite a difference when you work it out. Also I believe that natural hair is an investment. Saying that I left the salon with my hair feeling softer, and in the words of Kat Francois I had one of dem “badam days”.
Adornment 365 have some exciting things happening in the near future  so keep an eye on their face book page for more details.
Queenindamaking. #NaturalhairitsamovementnotaTREND.

I'd like to say a thank you to my girl Queenindamaking for the review. (Follow her on twitter @Queenindamaking) 
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  1. lol funny post I like! :)

  2. I want to go check them out too. Thanks for review. Beautiful style.

  3. I Like the hairstyle you got, very cute.


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