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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Helpful Haircare - Detangle


As we prepare for Spring and new beginnings I'll be trying to get some posts up including Youtube videos, to help newbies and remind me of some of the basics.
Although Im 1 year natural, I've still got so much to learn and  I remember what it was like being a beginner. Since then I've met a lot of women who tell me they'd like to go natural but dont think they could. To anyone who feels that way just remember that everyone starts somewhere so if you want to, you can!

(Lao Tsu quote - A journey of a thousand miles...)

You can read a more detailed description of my Haircare routine >>Here<< but in brief it consists of...
  • Detangling
  • Washing
  • Conditioning
  • Styling
... so I'll be posting on each of these soon.
This is the first of the Helpful Hair Care Posts about De-Tangling....

Detangling seems like a long process at first but once you work out your own method it gets quicker. It used to take me an hour, now I try not to spend any more than 20mins.
If I dont spend these extra 20mins at the start of my routine, I end up spending an extra 1hr in long-run. 

  • I detangle my hair before washing it as it reduces knots thus make the entire process of dealing with my hair so much easier and quicker.
  • I always pre-poo my hair before washing or at least make sure my hair is wet/ damp before attemping to detangle it because this reduces the friction on my hair and thus reduces breakage.

  • I pre-poo my hair by mixing Olive Oil with a cheap Conditioner. I then section my hair into about 4 - 6 sections and saturate my hair with the mixure before detangling each section.

    Finger De-Tangling: Source

  • It's best to de-tangle Afro hair with a Wide-Tooth Comb or your Fingers. These days I tend to finger detangle as I get less breakage this way.

  • I grab a section of hair, run my hand down it, and where I feel matted or knotted sections I separate them with my hands - usually at the ends first. I also run my thumb or fingers down through the section and stop to separate any knots I feel - GENTLY!

  • Try not to rip knots apart in a rough way i.e try to avoid that tearing and snapping sound.
This is a great video on De-Tangling natural hair with Combs or Fingers by Root-2-Tip:

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