Thursday, 19 January 2012

Hair Routine & 5 Favourite Products

Now it's 2012 and I've been natural for almost a year I'd say I've kind of got my routine pinned down as follows:

1. Pre-Poo/ Finger Detangle
2. Section hair into about 4 or 6 chunky plaits
3. Rinse out Pre-Poo

4. Shampoo & Rinse hair (whilst still in plaits)

5. Condition hair: comb conditioner through & re-plait sections
6. Sit under heat with plastic cap for 20 - 30mins
7. Rinse out conditioner (whilst still in plaits)

8. Dry off excess water (I usually use a t-shirt to dry)
9. Apply Leave-In Conditioner
10. Lightly oil scalp
11. Style & Seal

Over that time I've been through quite a few different products and I can definitely say I've found a few favourites. I've done product reviews for most of them which you can read by clicking the links.
Although I'm starting 2012 with these as my current favs, Im looking forward to discovering even more products that work equally as well for me this year, as those listed worked last year.
Also, after all the #naturalhair events I attended last year, I've still got a few sample size products to try, so look out for new Mini Product Reviews which I'll be posting on the blog soon.

5 Favourite Products (so far):

For the SHAMPOO:
Giovanni's Smooth As Silk

KeraCare Humecto
Creme Conditioner

For the LEAVE-IN:

Kinky Curly Knot Today

For the SCALP:
Root 2 Tip Scalp Hydration Serum

For the SPRITZ:
Mmm Hair Revitalising Hair Spritz
I do love it when I discover products that work well with my hair.
If you do decide to try any of these remember that everyones hair is different so some may work better for you than others; but I can definitely say these products have been brilliant for me.
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