Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Cut Colour Style Competition


I'd like to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who entered the New Year New Hair Competition, which is now closed. I'll be posting up the results of the poll and more importantly the names of the winners on Wednesday the 25th of January. (I hope you all remembered to subscribe to United KinKdom, as you must be a subscriber to this blog to be able to win...quick go do it now!!)
The winners will be chosen at random, and once again GOOD LUCK!!
If you missed out, don't worry as there's another competition coming up

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Natural Hair Events Page**
Here in the UK many of us naturals have been frustrated at the lack of natural hair info, products and events there are, but this year their seems to be a distinct change in the atmosphere. Not only does it seem to me that an increasing number of Black women in the UK are choosing to where their hair naturally, it would seem that 2012 has begun with an explosion of Natural Hair Events.
I recommend you check out the Natural Hair Events Page (either click the link below, or the Tab above) where I try to keep up to date with all the Natural Hair Events that I hear will be taking place around the UK.

Not only are these great opportunities to meet other naturals and learn about your hair, there are often goody bags and prizes, and the chance to purchase products without having to pay the P&P fees that come with online shopping.


One of the big events coming up in March is Cut, Colour & Style by Manestream Beauty.
This event is all about having fun with your natural hair.

More info from Manestream Beauty Click Here

We've all seen the recent youtube vids of Sh*t Natural Girls Say and Sh*t Relaxed Girls Say.
(Hands up if you recognise yourself or someone else you know... *reluctant hand raising*).
We can all be guilty of being a bit too serious, but this event is all about simply enjoying Natural Hair and making you look good.
There'll be Workshops and Demonstrations as well as Mini Manicures and Eyebrow Shaping. There'll also be canapes, mocktails and vendors & giveaways. Professionals in attendance will include:
Karl Williams - Cutting, Adornment 365 - Colouring, and Angela Appiah - Styling.
Cut, Colour Style is being held at Blackhall Studios, Leonard Street, Shoreditch EC2A on 4th March. Tickets cost £20.
How To Win:
For a chance to win a FREE TICKET to Cut Colour & Style, courtesy of Manestream Beauty and Crystal Afro you must first Like & Follow Manestream Beauty on Facebook AND Twitter, before answering the simple question below.
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Before the end of the video Shit Natural Hair Girls Say (by AShotofJen) she states:
I can't put my head on a ???????? pillowcase. It's just not a part of my lifestyle.
What sort of pillowcase can she not put her head on? Is it:

A.) A Silk pillowcase
B.) A Cotton pillowcase
C.) A Leather pillowcase

Post your answer A,B or C in the comment box below.
The competition closes on 6th of Feb 2012 and 2 Winners will be announced shortly afterwards...Oh and if you haven't seen "Sh*t Natural Hair Girls Say", enjoy...

Competition Terms & Conditions:
  • You must be subscribed to this blog aka United KinKdom.
  • You must Like AND Follow Manestream Beauty on Facebook AND Twitter.
  • You must answer correctly.
  • You must be in the UK based and available to attend on the 4th March.
  • You must enter before the 6th Feb 2012.
**You must fulfil the ALL the terms & conditions of the competition or you entry will NOT be valid.**


  1. B Cotton pillowcase! diahannqueenindamakin

  2. It's a silk this video had me cracking up lol

  3. The answer is- B a cotton pillowcase


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