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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

A Winter Welcome


Hi guys, before I get to posting all the back log of stuff I have for you, I want to wish all my wonderful blog readers a


Considering I went natural and started this blog in January this year; Christmas seemed like miles away so I'm extra happy to be here now and sharing it with you guys.

I've been desperate to give you a quick update as I was absent for much of November due to being ill but thank GOD I'm well again and ready to give a brief recap of November...

So the month started off great when I got a delivery
Root 2 Tip, with the most incredible smelling products
for my hair. Unfortunately I became ill before I was able
to even try them.
At the end of the month I was finally able to treat my
hair - the review is coming up.

Because I was ill for most of the month my hair looked
like this almost the whole time - 2 Flat Twists along the
front and 2 pigtails at the back - Simples!

My Mum holding my baby cousin, when my Nan
and Aunt came to visit me. My baby cousin's
hair is growing soo fast.

The weekend when I thought I was well, I met up with
Stacey TheNaprika (UK Natural Hair Vlogger) to go to a screening of
The Story of Lover's Rock. I kept the same style and just accessorised
with a scarf that I tied into a big bow.

The Story of Lover's Rock is a must see for anyone who wants to know
about Black Britain of the 70's & 80's. This sort of
documentation of a part of history, so directly relevant to so many
people regardless of race, is priceless. I cant commend Menelik Shabazz
enough on his work. The unheard stories of an unclaimed generation, finally given
a platform. This film made me so proud to be Black British, and if like mine,
your family is from the Caribbean then definitely DO NOT MISS THIS!!

Click here to find your next screening: Lover's Rock Film

I loved the Up-do Stacey was wearing on the night. Check out her
YouTube channel for her up-do tutorial: The Naprika on YouTube

We were very lucky that the Film Director Menelik Shabazz
made a special apperance after the screening. After his speech I
bought one of his earlier DVDs and had a word with him about his work.

Still thinking I felt fine, I went out the next evening. I didn't
quite have the energy or time to do anything too extravagant
(at this point my hair was dying for a wash), I took out the pigtails
and instead tried my very 1ST Bun using a Doughnut Band (£1.50 from Primark).
I also took out the Flat Twists along the front and pinned the curls
to the side - Simples!

I had a brilliant night with Ketisha celebrating her birthday at
Zenna Bar. Her Frohawk was Fantastic! She had it styled at
a natural hair salon in Stratford (East Ldn)

Unfortunately I became ill again after that weekend so I was totally
bed bound; but it gave me a chance to catch up on some of my
art & designs stuff....

My first attempt at hair accessories - A paper flower and a bow.
I'm gona keep practicing, if I get good I might start selling some...

These are the first designs for my Crystal Afro Tops on paper....

And these are the very first design printed up on clothing.
I'm so pleased!

What do you think guys?

 So that sums up November for me. Unfortunately I wasn't able to make it the Natural November event in Covent Garden, but I heard good reports so I'm looking forward to next year.
For now though, it's officially time to get ready for Christmas. xx

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