Saturday, 31 December 2011

Top 10 from 2011

Top 10 United KinKdom Posts of 2011

In just a few hours we'll be #TeamNatural 2012 (unless you're reading this in Australia, in which case Happy New Year!) YaaaY!!!

I guess its always good to reflect on the year past, in which time I've managed to rack up over 120 posts on this blog. I hope you've enjoyed them.  Here's a quick look at my Top 10 United KinKdom posts of 2011...












With so many to choose from it was difficult to select just 10. What were your favourite posts of 2011?

All the best for 2012 #Teamnatural,
With love from Crystal Afro xx

Looking Fwd 2 Ur Company
in 2012 xx

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  1. Hi Crystal,
    I can relate to your 'first relaxer' and 'naturally professional at work' posts. I got my first relaxer at 14 after bugging my mother for an eternity. She never wanted me to as she always said I had 'good' hair, I never wanted to hear it. I just wanted the slick, straight look which was all the rage in the mid 90's. Fast forward 17 years and I am a year into my transition to natural hair. My last relaxer was 21st January 2011, and I am loving the versatility natural hair brings. I never thought I would have the patience or confidence to wear natural hair to work, but I went to my office Xmas party and gave myself a gorgeous pin rolled style. I got plenty of compliments, something I never expected. I'm loving my natural hair journey and wish I had started it sooner, but at least I can instill the beauty of natural hair to my two young daughters and my son. This is turning into quite a long comment, lol. Loving your blog by the way. You can find me at HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


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