Friday, 9 December 2011

Nature's Parlour Review


Despite November being a relatively quiet month I've been preparing myself for December to be all go!!
With at least 3 natural hair related events to attend, all based outside of London, I really feel like I'm taking on the title of this blog. So as I travel around the UK attempting to unite the Kinkdom, I'll be reporting back to you.

The 1st event by Nature's Parlour, took place last weekend in West Bromwich (which if you're a typical Londoner like me means Birmingham!)
I'd never been to Birmingham before, so I was very excited to have a little look around and then get to meeting some Midlands-based Naturals.

Nature's Parlour was created by Xina Brodrick, and in 2007 launched an online store, selling 'top quality natural hair and skin products'.
Nature's Parlour stock various natural products, including brands from the US.
(Click here for Nature's Parlour)

On the day those who attended were able to test, purchase and discuss the products available with Xina before sitting down to a presentation covering some of the essentials about Black hair care.

Xina began the talk by introducing herself and giving us a incite into her relationship with her hair to date. As a qualified Loctitian and a "Natural Hair Ambassador" (I love that term - finally something that describes what I wana be when I grow up) Xina has a wealth of experience and knowledge about Afro hair and how best to take care of it.

The presentation covered various topics, including "Why We Have Kinks & Coils", good and bad products and tools, as well as routines and even tips on transitioning from chemically altered hair back to natural.

Xina is definitely not a fan of petro-chemicals, such as petroleum or mineral oil, and argues that although they can be fine to use in small amounts, why use them when there are so many natural alternatives. As she explains at the beginning of her talk, keeping our hair moisturised with water is essential to having healthy manageable hair. Because petro-chemicals effectively repel water, thus keeping it out, Xina, similarly to many other naturals, argues that they are not beneficial to our hair.

Instead Xina recommends 3 natural oils that are great for sealing in moisture and also penetrating the hair shaft and tells us a few key point we must look out for:

1.) Olive Oil - N.B Make sure it's Extra Virgin
2.) Coconut Oil - N.B Make sure its Pure and smells like Coconut (otherwise it's RDB*)
3.) Avocado Oil

Xina pointed out that Avocado Oil in particular, is especially good for Black hair and skin in the Winter, due to our Vitamin D requirements and it's high vitamin D content.
(Find out more about Avocado Oil on the Nature's Parlour website: Click Here)

This made it extra pleasing to find a bottle of Pure Avocado Oil in my goody bag that I received for buying my ticket online.
In fact when I finally sat down on the train back to London and looked in my goody bag, I was very pleased at what it contained, including 2 full sized bottles of Blended Beauty products, Avocado Oil, and a sample of Hibiscus Rose Leave-In Conditioner by TLC Naturals (a new product line by Paige Ellean of the Care 4 Curls Blog, which I've read a lot of good reviews about).

The great thing about Xina's presentation is that she clearly recognised the different needs of natural hair in locs vs natural hair worn loose, and shared tips specific to each.

I definitely had a great time in Birmingham and wish I could have stayed a little longer as there were many great topics of conversation being discussed before the presentation that I would have loved to continue afterwards, including "Why the preference amongst young people for extensions & weaves and generally straight hair?" and "What's been lost between the older generations from the Caribbean and the generations that have grown up here - why haven't the skills of hair care been passed on?"

It was also lovely to see Brummie-based UK Natural Lorien Hay who organised the Midlands Meet-up earlier this year, and to whom I owe a major thank you for giving me a ride back to the station. Thank You xx

I'm looking forward to seeing the Nature's Parlour ladies again this weekend (tomorrow in fact) at the Natural Notts event in Nottingham and meeting even more or #Teamnatural Midlanders.

*RDB = Refined, Deodorised and Bleached (i.e striped of all the goodness)

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  1. Ahhhhh thank you, it was my pleasure. Sorry you wasn't able to stay longer too. Hopefullt see you around soon. Great review Lorienx

  2. Thank you so much for the post, Crystal! You must surely know by now that I'm your number one fan and I look forward to seeing you at many more meet ups.

    Much love,

    Xina x

  3. Aawww, big thanks Xina :-)
    It was absolutely great catching up with you yesterday, so glad we had a chance to talk properly. Im definitely looking forward to catching up again soon. xxx


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