Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Canerows, Cake & Characters

Canerows, Cake & Characters
Thought I share a few hair pics of myself and my cousin, who celebrated his 30th Birthday this year. "Congratulations Jay!"
He's been getting his hair canerowed for so long now that its hard to remember he ever had a Hi-Top!

When we were younger he used to style my hair like the characters from Street Fighter II, his favourite inspirations being Guile or Blanka, Lol. But now we're older I thought I'd charactise him and his hair instead, with a little help from Photoshop.

Blanka & Guile from Street Fighter II

My characterized cousin.

I love playing with hair accessories and this one I wore is one of my favs.
Its one of those bendy bands with soft wire on the inside. You can buy them from various high street shops like Accessories, buts probably cheaper to go to a small independent shops. I got mine for £1 from a shop in Stratford Centre (N.B NOT Westfields! Lol).

I think we'd make quite cool Afro Comic

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