Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Crystal Afro Tumblr

Finally, it's here! Sorry if I've been a bit absent the last few days but it's been for a good cause. I can now proudly present to you....
The Crystal Afro Tumblr
For a while now I've been wanting a way to share all the amazing pictures and images of natural hair that I come across online, and it would seem that the latest craze of blogging on is the perfect way to do so.

What is Tumblr? 
Basically it's the another way of sharing online, think twitter, meshed with facebook and blogspot/wordpress.
Its what's known as micro-blogging, where people can quickly share things of interest, similar to twitter but without a word limit, and like facebook you can "like" posts by other people, and "re-blog" them easily (like re-tweeting or fb sharing).
For me the joy comes from being able to display so many amazing images.
It's been 2 days and already I've racked up total of 100 posts!

Although Tumblr can be used to blog articles just as I do here, I won't be using it for that. Rest assured that all my written articles past, present and future, will continue to be posted here on United KinKdom, while Crystal Afro Tumblr will be strictly pics, pics and more pics.

Check it out and if you've got a #naturalhair tumblr let me know, I'd love to follow.
>> Click here for the Crystal Afro Tumblr <<

There's only one little grip I have about Tumblr, and that is, unless a page has unlimited scolling, the "next page buttons" (i.e older posts) can be hard to find. So just as a heads up, to turn the next page button on the Crystal Afro Tumblr click "next" which is subtly located 
If you're new to tumblr here's a few that have been recommended...

A short list of some reccomended #NaturalHair Tumblrs:

And of course a short list of some UK Naturals Tumblrs. Check 'em out: 

Have you got a #NaturalHair Tumblr, and what are some of your favourites?

P.S Wud Luv U 2 Subscribe x


  1. Wow that's really neat? I'll have to look into this~

  2. You have some beautiful photo's on there..great tumblr =)

  3. Thanks ladies, glad you like it xx


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