Thursday, 6 October 2011


*Insert Drum-roll Here*.......

OK ppl, it's time to select a WINNER for the V.I.P Ticket to Naturally Fabulous this Saturday 8th.
Firstly I want to say a REALLY BIG THANK YOU to everyone who took part. I was really pleased to get as many responses as I did, AND you ALL answered correctly, lol.

I'm pleased to announce that THE WINNER IS.........


**Congratulations Jade Mitchell!!**
Your V.I.P Ticket is fulled paid for and in my possession.
You'll receive an email today with details of your winnings.

Once again Thanks to everyone who entered. Sorry to everyone who missed out this time but I look forward to doing many other giveaways in the future. If I could afford to buy you all tickets I would, lol. None-the-less I really hope to see you all on Saturday.

Luv Crystal x

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