Sunday, 30 October 2011

Tangle Teezers

Tangle Teezer Review
"Suprise! Surprise!"
I've somehow managed to obtain 2 Tangle-Teezers in 1 month just from attending different natural hair events. I received one in my Naturally Fabulous goody-bad and another in my Respect The Fro treasure-bag.
I have to be honest, I was a bit baffled at first as I thought these brushes were just for European hair, and I was convinced that putting this in my Afro hair would cause it to get more tangled; but it actually went through my hair surprisingly well. 
Considering we're often advised to use wide-tooth combs on Afro hair, I was pretty skeptical at the sight of the random arrangement of all those bristles. But the appearances in this case were quite decieving as the bristles were a lot softer that I'd expected.
After brushing my whole head of
hair there wasn't that much breakage
Recently I've been moving away from using tools to detangle my hair and instead I now tend to finger detangle, none-the-less I can see how this tool could be very useful as a styling tool. It worked similar to a paddle brush (excellent for smoothing weaves) but a little more robust, yet not as rough as I had been expecting. 
Because I'm quite happy with the current results I'm getting from finger detangling, I probably wont be using the Tangle Teezer regularly, except to help me create those super slick styles.
Don't let the look of the Tangle-Teezer put you off, give it a try for yourself and see what you think.
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  2. I like the tangle teezer, I reccieved a discounted one from louloumato on youtube as she was selling hers!! I love it, some people have said over time it causes split ends but I haven't noticed any as of yet. I find it works a dream on my kinky curly weave ...I only use the teezer when my hair is drenched in conditioner to de-tangle

    Nice post

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  3. Yea funny, I,ve heard a lot of naturals say they really didnt like it but it was good for me.
    Good to hear from u Em xx


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