Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Shopping Success

Its not hard to see that there's a wealth of information and shops catering to the needs of natural hair in the US but what about over here in the UK? I can't speak for the other cities but in London I can definitely say that it can be a struggle to know where to turn sometimes. But that doesn't mean there aren't shops out there where we can go. So this post is long overdue but I really hope it'll be helpful to other UK Naturals looking for certain products.

One absolutely brilliant shop for organic products is The Whole Foods Market

The Whole Foods Market (previously named Fresh n Wild) doesn't just sell food but also has a wide range of health & beauty products including shampoos, body cream, essential oils etc...It's a bit like Holland & Barratts, except its BETTER (a lot better in my opinion). 

I re-discovered it in my search for organic Apple Cider Vinegar.
Not only did I find the ACV, I found the organic Coconut oil I've been searching for (cheaper than Holland & Barratts) AND Giovanni's products!

I cant even begin to tell you my excitement!

They have various branches around London, my local one is in Clapham Junction but the lovely Stacey TheNaprika took me to the Stoke Newington branch last Saturday. I also remember they have one in Camden (close to the Jazz Cafe) and apparently their Flagship store is based in Kensington and is massive. When I heard this I felt like a kid hearing about Hamleys Toy store!

Kensington branch
Clapham Junction branch
When I weigh up the price against the quality I'd say it's pretty reasonable. I wont pretend it's particularly cheap but I would say I definitely trust the quality of the products sold their; plus you can find some travel size products which are cheaper than full size.

My reciepts for ACV, Coconut Oil
and Giovanis Shampoo & Conditioner £26.02
Travel Size Giovanni's
Above is a pic of my Clapham Junction branch post riots,
hence the boarded up windows. It's back to normal now though.

I haven't found any  Kinky Curly products in there but if I ever do I think I may cry.
I'm totally in love with the Whole Foods Market and recommend checking it out.

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  1. I was taken by the wholefoods and I deffo recommend the Kensington one for that high! Holland and Barratts have also started stocking Giovanni and Akin products. Tk Maxx sells some salon size giovanni products and the natural TiGi line and of course, there are the herbalist shop in Stoke Newington and Baldwins & co down in South London. We are not as free with products as they are state side because I keep hearing about this queen helene products available in whole foods shops and quite a few youtubers are able to get stuff like kinky curly on foot

  2. OOOh Nice one Stacey! That's a very plentiful list that may need a post of it's own. Its all about knowing where you can pick up products from. Like you say there's not as much opportunity for us in the UK to get certain products on foot. When the shelves of Boots & Superdrug are stocking what we're looking for my work'll be somewhere near done. LOL x


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