Sunday, 16 October 2011

Nat Fab Reviews

The Natural Lounge:
Naturally Fabulous All Round

Hi Again folks, last week most of us UK Naturals were riding high on the excitement of Naturally Fabulous and there have been some brilliant reviews and tons of photos, so I thought I's post the link to some of them for you to check out. It's also a chance to check out some other UK Natural Bloggers.

The Voice Newspaper Online:

I was really happy to see the Voice write an article on the event.

The Official Natural Lounge Review:
 ALSO you can See all 200 plus of the OFFICIAL Photos from Naturally Fabulous on the Photographer's Website Here: Naturally Fabulous by Angus D Photography

(I had to include my winning pic, lol.)

........ by Natural Belle:
Check out all 3 parts to Natural Belle's review of the day including brilliant pics.

Belinda of 4Nappiness4eva, has also posted a video of Naptural Roots Guest speaker Mahogany on the day. Can't wait to try her Be Unique product sample I got in my goody bag.

People With by Deborah Gabriel
#NatFab by Phtographer Angus D

Lela Devine

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