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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Mmm Hair

"Is This What Heaven Feels Like?"

I'm a big supporter of buying home-grown in theory, which I why I value events such as NATURALLY FABULOUS and RESPECT THE FRO, so much as they give me a chance to try and practice what I preach.
You may remember I mentioned purchasing a sampler-size pack of products from the Mama's Marvelous Medicine for Hair aka MMM...Hair Range by Dr Aroushka James at the Naturally Fabulous Event, which I decided to try at the weekend.

After 2 weeks worth of gel Twistouts that had left my hair feeling like a bowl of dry crunchy nut cereal, I wasn't sure whether these tiny bottles would do the job (in fact I had almost prepared myself not to review the results of this trial as I felt they were at an unfair disadvantage.)

The shampoo and conditioner were great for getting my hair back to normal, although I'd like to try them again so I could be a bit more lenient with the conditioner, and form a proper opinion. I generally prefer for conditioners to smell quite exotic and luxurious, but this one smelled pretty neutral, which some people might prefer.

In my opinion the absolute stand out product has to be the Revitalizing Spritz.
I don't usually like to buy spritz as they often leave my hair feeling dry once they've been absorbed but this one was nothing like that.

It left my hair feeling incredibly soft...like shockingly soft...as in I kept boasting to my mum about it, soft! If you follow my twitter you may have seen my random tweet at the weekend about my hair feeling like a cloud, now you know why.

To say I was pleasantly surprised or very impressed is an understatement.

I would definitely buy the full size bottle next time.

You can buy MMM...Hair Products and find out about Dr Aroushka L James, on the website: www.MMMHair.co.uk
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