Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Blogger Prize!


WOW!! I cant believe my in my last post I was celebrating giving someone else a prize, and now I'm back celebrating my very own win!! WOW! 
In the run up to Naturally Fabulous, there were many announcements on The Natural Lounge Blog including a competition for other Natural Hair bloggers, which I decided to enter.
On Saturday when I attended the Naturally Fabulous event (which was absolutely fantastic by the way!) the lovely host and event organiser Angel Smith of The Natural Lounge called out my name as the WINNER of the Blogger competition!
I couldn't believe it! I was busy admiring and taking pictures of Angel and all the beautiful natural ladies who'd turned up, and in mid-click I heard "CRYSTAL" get called out!
Im still like "Wha!?"

I won a gift bag of goodies from the Milk Protein & Olive Oil Range by SofnFree which I look forward to trying.

I haven't seen the official picture yet but I got a feeling I pulled a funny face so it might not look that great but either way this was my face at home with my prize. 

So I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU to ANGEL and to everyone else who's since been telling me I deserved to win. Thanks to everyone for the love, it means a lot to know you're doing something people appreciate; especially as I follow so many of you who are doing amazing blogs & vlogs yourselves.

I'll be posting a full review of Naturally Fabulous this week with pictures both here and on the Crystal Afro Facebook Page (some are already on there, lol) so keep a look out as you'll probably see some familiar faces. 
A very excited and appreciative Crystal, signing out  x x

P.S Wud Luv U 2 Subscribe x

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  1. Congrats Crystal!! you deserve it, you've put a great deal of time & effort into this! xx


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