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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Tea-Tree Oil

Tea-Tree Oil

This post is a quick continuation of my trials and research in fighting scalp dermatitis aka dandruff. This time the focus is Tea-tree oil. As I said before I know my hair responds well to tea-tree, as it did when I used the Keracare tea-tree range but that shampoo contains sulphates which I want to avoid.

After rinsing with the ACV my scalp was uber clean but I felt it needed moisturising preferably with something that would fight dandruff.

A lot of sources suggest Tea-Tree oil for stopping dandruff.

  • I began using Pure Tea-Tree oil mixed with Almond Oil, using an applicator to get directly to the scalp.
  • It worked pretty well and after a week the flakes were significantly reduced and in some places cleared up completely.
1 week prior to buying my tea-tree oil I had been scared to use it as I was reacting off my mums mis-guided fears, lol. So instead I had been moisturising my scalp everyday with just pure almond oil.
Note-to-self: "I Know My Body!"
The Flakes still built up they were just softer!

  • Since Following my own mind and using the Tea-Tree oil the hardness on the scalp stopped in a lot of places.

The only downside with Tea-Tree is that the smell can be overwhelming depending on how  much you use. Also the higher the concentration, the stronger that Tea-Tree tingle is on your scalp, so be sure to dilute it with a carrier oil such as almond, olive, or jojoba oil.
However it can be a bit annoying trying to work out the right amount of tea-tree to mix, but I read that using the correct concentration of tea-tree is very important. It was suggested that diluting the tea-tree oil too much could result in merely irritating the yeast/ bacteria that causes dandruff, instead of actually getting rid of it. This would mean there's a danger of the yeast/ bacteria developing a resistance to the tea-tree oil, which would end the tea-tree's ability to combat the dandruff.

Over-all, I love the way my scalp seems to respond so positively to tea-tree but Im not 100% sure of my home mixing skills just yet. 

Coming Soon:
  • Root-2-Tip Scalp Hydration
  • Damn Dermatitis
  • Natural Hair Shopping Success

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