Thursday, 8 September 2011

The Natural Hair Social

The Natural Hair Social
(Source: Hairspiration by Naturalbelle)
Hey #Teamnatural, I'm back to bring in the Autumn with you but before I do, I thought I'd share some photos of how I celebrated the end of Summer with some wonderful #NaturalHair Events.

The Natural Hair social was a BRILLIANT night organised by NaturalBelle, Sheroxlox and SugarKinesis. It took place at Zenna Bar in the vibrant Soho area of Central London.

I'd been looking forward to the night for a while but my hair was prepped in some frizzy plaits for a Braidout the next day, so instead I decided to try my 1ST EVER FUNKY TURBAN!
I bought the scarf earlier that day for £2 from Primark....

My very first turban attempt, ready to leave out
and get to the club....

As someone who loves to party, the Natural Hair Social was
right up my street, lol.
Although I was late, I was pretty sure there would be others I
knew there but surprisingly, all but one of the
faces (miss @Sugarkinesis) were new to me.
I was given wonderfully warm welcomes by Sheroxlox.....

.....and NaturalBelle, whom I was very happy to finally meet
in person.

It was also the 1st time I got to meet the Treasured Tresses
ladies in person.

There were more ladies who turned up after me, which was great.
So many of us had turned up by ourselves, and it's so good not
to feel alone in the "newbie" boat.

By the end of the night us ladies were skankin' out to all
sorts of 90's classics - "I'm every woman" baby!

The adrenaline was so high by the end of the night. I cant wait to see everyone photos. I had so much fun meeting even more natural ladies in London. There's something so encouraging about being with a group of happily natural ladies who are looking and feeling "fly" in da club! LOL. Thanks to the ladies for hosting a wonderful night, and it was lovely to meet everyone who attended. I'll definitely be at the next one.
Check Out the complete album with ALL my photos from The Natural Hair Social on the *Crystal Afro Facebook Page *

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  1. Great of you to share these photos and to highlight what's happening on the UK natural scene. This is a great blog and I will be back to visit often!

  2. looks like you all had a night out to remember. I love how us naturals can party!


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