Thursday, 11 August 2011

Positive to Pathetic

from the Positive to the Pathetic

Hey #Teamnatural, I told you I'd try and be back on topic after my previous post, but I cant quite take my off my city. I've been looking at some of the other blogs that I follow by other UK Naturals who've posted snippets in relation to the riots....

Yesterday morning, Belle i.e Natural Belle of spotted UK Singer AND Natural, Natalie May sporting her Afro on BBC during and interview about the riots.
Click the link below to see Belle's post on Natalie May...

Natural Belle: Afro on the BBC? Natalie May: " I have been watching the news constantly for the last two days watching the coverage of the London riots, listening to politicians and ..."

Hackney Heroine in The Evening Standard
I was glad to see The Evening Standard Newspaper do a brief follow up article on the lady they're now calling the Hackney Heroine. I posted the now infamous clip of her during riots on my Previous Article and again below because I agree SO strongly with what she said...Oh yea and she appears to be a natural.
Pauline Pearce - The Hackney Heroine
Personally I completely admire of her natural beauty and strength.
You can read the article here: The Hackney Heroine and watch the video below.

Weave Thieves
Sadly though, we descend from the positivity and pride to the pathetic...
I saw this tweet in a newspaper article and also posted by Angel of the The Natural Lounge on the The Natural Lounge Facebook Group....

 A trolley full of stolen weave! 
I dont know what to say...If it's Really worth risking being arrested and possibly jailed for a packet of Remi then what can I say... In fact I leave it to you...

Tottenham Riot
  • Rose Ambitious and 2 others like this.
    • No shame!
    • I so didn't believe you when you reported this earlier...
    • Shameless
    • No pride, no shame. Can you imagine?!
    • Thinking about weaves at a time like this!
    • KMT!!
    • LMFAO! Im so sorry, I have to laugh because I just don't understand some people'e mentality. Your life might be at risk, and your thinking about stocking up on weave. Better still, you have no shame and decide to use a trolley rather than doing it discreetly
    • The shame of it - did you see any naturals stealing shea butter!
    • Steal goods and then post on twitter?? I am gob-smacked!
    • Crystal Ford Some ppl are disgraceful!! This person is sick. She deserves a slap in the face with a packet of Sleek, Remi's too good for her!

Lets hope the craziness stops soon and we see an increase of #TeamPeace as well as #Teamnatural.

P.S Wud Luv U 2 Subscribe x

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